Friday, August 29, 2008

You're Invited!

Mary (writemarycat) has done the impossible, or what would seem impossible to us normal folk. Because of the fact that Mary would soon be left without an Internet connection as a result of a move, Eternity was temporarily shelved. Mary, and her ambitious and dedicated staff , rushed to complete September's issue in 3 DAYS! Now, I don't know about you, but it normally takes me three days to find an outfit for my Medoll, let alone complete an entire magazine filled with fashion, articles, and graphics!
Well done Mary and team, that is not an east feat. Be there tonight at EternityCouture to celebrate the launch of September's issue.


Puccapo said...

I know, Mary is amazing. She made the first issue in one night you know! And she's an amazing friend :)

writemarycat said...

Aww, Olivia, thanks!You are a great friend too!

As for Magazine...yeah, be there, my Team tried!!!

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

It is a job well done :)
I really loved the magazine!
springate's interview was quite good

Lorie said...

Aww, :)
Anthony, seems like our lil interview is getting good feedback!

Those 3 days were stessomatic