Monday, August 4, 2008

Linda & Tyler Part Ways...

Self-proclaimed "Elite" designer Tyler (TylerisBomb) and the lovely Linda (Star_Awards) have decided to part ways. No they were not dating, but they were partners on Linda's popular Starblog. There was no given reason why Tyler (a fellow Britney fan, yay!) had left the increasingly popular blog, but Linda has, since his departure, hired diamondandruby to fill his spot.
While I love both Linda and Tyler, it strikes me at rather odd that Tyler would leave the blog. Although, the blog served as somewhat of platform to launch his (questionable) clothing line Angel. His last post, infact, was about the clothing line. It almost appears that Tyler was using the blog as nothing more then a promotional stand to advertise his line.
(Check Our Her Blog, Here)
Sometimes you get played by your own friends...


lovinitlovinit said...


Well, I mean, after the D*T got all funked up, everyone learned gossip ain't a hobby. It's a bussiness! If they post stupid and promo stuff, they get a smelly boot. Linda is da boss!

Springate Fanatic said...

I like Linda, but Tyler needs to suck a dick. Untalented (ugly, in real life...) and gay. No straight male plays on Stardoll no matter what they tell you!

dignity said...

Dang springate fanatic, a little harsh? but yeah, he is full of himself. and britney, you can't just like someone because there a britspears fan!

Brooke said...

In all truth, I hate Tyler. I think he is a concieted and disgusting excuse for a (Stardoll) human being. He is so vaine it isn't even funny. So you know what?

Good for Linda. He was using her for nothing more then a place to promote his horrible, not questionable Britney, horrible clothing line. It is a true disgrace to the other cloth lines of Stardoll.


Anonymous said...

tyler is just a concieted asshole, Linda's blog will be better without him

Jemmaaaa said...

My name was on that.! Yay.