Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free DKNY Dress!

In the Star Plaza now! Hopefully, this indicates more new DKNY to be released? Get it before Stardoll yanks it at midnight tonight. It's a nice 'Happy New Year' gift from Stardoll, so thanks if you're reading (I like to think that Stardoll keeps up with our gossip blogs - a wild fantasy? Yes. Do I care? No.) Enjoy it while you can!


P.S. The Mossimo Sunglasses are BACK... for a mere three Stardollers! A nice decrease fro the $12 stardollers I paid for their gold twin-pair.


Happy New Year!

Of course, right now I'm not at home to wish you guys a great new year! I'm at the family beach house in Miami doing this over my dad's iPhone! I'd love to say Merry LATE Christmas and wish you a fabulous 2009. When you think about everything that has happened in 08' (in stardoll and real life) it's amazing what all has happened!

I have to go now! Happy New Year!

(From the crew at It's Stardoll Gossip, B!TCH!)

P.S. Stay tuned for a new artist to join Camille and I at theyoungartists.blogspot.com


Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Award Show Season!

Get out your designer gowns, bejeweled clutches, and fire up that virtual curling iron - it's officially Stardoll Award Season! For awhile it was all about blogging and magazines, but with the New Year, comes a new trend: Award Shows.
Over the last week, us Stardoll junkies were given a few new reasons to get our virtual glam on. Alongside the new and improved Star Awards, two new shows have popped up out of the blue - each unique in their own right. The first of which is the Achievement Awards. This award show asks that question that seems to be on everyone's minds at every other award show: What the $%&# have you done to deserve this award? The Achievement Team is made up of Stardoll/Blogger favorites Gosia (Naive-Magazine), Rhiann (Welsh_Witch), Dei (To_Royal), and Fay (Fayasi). The main purpose of the show is to honor non-elites who have great personalities, have accomplished,inspired, or motivated other members to do something truly great. Look for the nominations to be announced on December 30!
The last (as of today - I'm sure there will be more to come) of the new awards shows is run by the lovely E-Queen Mary Walkerson (WriteMaryCat). This award show won't exactely be an award show though... Every winner (there will be four over the span of four months) for each category will be featured in an exclusive interview/spread in Eternity Magazine! The first of which will appear in the upcoming January release of Eternity magazine. The competition is going on NOW in club EternityMag.
What do YOU think of this new trend?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Make Art, Not War

A new entirely fab blog created by Cam (lovinitlovinit) and myself where you can see news on all of the latest Stardoll and real life artists! You also can view AND enjoy fine works from the ever-so-lovely Stardoll artists Cam and myself! :D

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

The Young Artists

GO THERE! (or I will CUT YOU) :D *Anthony rules*

Diamant Champagne Gala

- Le Chambre's Diamant Champagne Gala-
When: January 7th 2009 at 5:00 EST until whenever.
Where: Fever_Cole's Guestbook
Why: To enjoy the finer things in life.
Wear: Formal Attire
Tell: Everyone
xo - Fev

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Eternity!

I must say, the spoiler for the next issue of eternity is absolutely gorgeous! The theme, sparkles goes perfectly with some of the new releases on stardoll, and the graphics are great! I like to think of eternity as STYLE magazine with all of the fashion, but a little bit of flavor! OH, and that was meant to you, style. Sorry Santa, I guess I'll get coal for breaking my christmas promise!

The pages read:

Shiny, Glittered, Magnificent... Just a bright fantasy your virtual doll can live in... The next Eternity issue. Better, than ever.

Hello! As I promiced as suprise I leaved on this site a spoiler of the next issue. Same ETERNITY, but twice better. Excited, much? I guess so! Me and the team are planning to publish the next issue somewhere in the beginning of January, what is really very soon! As you can see, we've planned a theme really hard to make the most unique magazine issue on stardoll.
We love you!

-Mary (writemarycat)

I am VERY excited to read the next issue! It seems that stardoll magazines have gone out of style and don't matter that much any more. This will.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm back B*TCHES!

In spite of my recent conundrum, I'm back in black (literally, check out my doll!)! This time I'm gonna do this good, so good that no one will be able to read for three days! :D Haha, but really. Anthony is back with better stories, better reviews, and soon to come PICTURES. Apparently ...DandG... has dissapeared up her own ass, and will not be back to return! THANK YOU for all of the reports and shittttt!!!!

And of course since it's winter break, I would love to start a snowball fight (in the comments). I would love to start by throwing the first snowball at *drummmm rollll pleeaassseeeee!!!!!!*

*HOTSTUFF! Throws it at her balls!*

Yay, I proved that that bitch is a dude! *Finds some crack, a razor blade, more crack, some fake tanner, a gift card to a tanning bed (to: HOtstuff; from:HOtstuff), a shank (so she can be protect herself from the evil halluciginary tan-monsters), artificial tanner, and some hormone shots in her purse* Lovely.

Ouch, man!

(in the mean time while I'm conjuring up the world's bestiest posts, go to rocketrend.wordpress.com! That site is amazinnn'!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I've been really good this year except for the whole Blaire thing, the curses, the lying, the cheating, the bitchiness, cursing again, making fun of style (if you would give it a try, I promise you would LOVE IT), acting slutty, betraying friends, saying "God", making sexy time, making fun of little kids, copying like 25 answers off of Katilen's paper during my final in math class, being a crack whore, drinking that vodka, killing a hooker, stealing all of style's glory, being so rude to style that she became a cutter with awful clothes, saying all this stuff just now about style, all of the things Dan and I said about people, being friends (IDK WHY) with that bitch or should I say boytch LilMRbitch, cursing some more, looking at porn that one time with Nic, making fun of my teacher's lard ass, telling every one that Courtney (from my school) has aids, and last but not least going crazy on like 1,000,450,354, 234,069,2o5,396,039 bitches. What I will do in reaturn for no coal, is not be a bitch to the new writer! I promise I'll stop being such a slut, and only lie when I'm in trouble.


Anthony :)

...Hit the Fans

Okay, okay. I know I broke my promise of posting more often (quite quickly actually - it took me all of a day), but I had good reason. Now, I'm sure none of you particularly care so I'll keep that to myself. The point of this post is not to ramble on and complain about how busy my life is, but rather reassure you that I'm not done just yet.
I have an early Christmas gift for all of you actually. After weeks of on-and-off discussions with someone who will remain unnamed as of now, I have finally decided to add another member to the 'It's Stardoll Gossip, Bitch!' team. I promise you, the sh*t's gonna hit the fans.
Who will it be?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Like A Circus...

"There's Only Two Types of People In The World..."
Like Miss Britney Spears, my life has literally become a circus. Minus the creepy clowns, bearded ladies, and elephants, I've been just as busy as the Comeback Kid. Of course, it hasn't all been bad. I've caught a sort of Spears-fever - a new #1 album, a ton of promotion, two hit singles, a tour announcement, and a new video? It's like heaven on earth (for me, anyway). So, sit back and enjoy a little bit of brand-new-Brit.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Something's Gotta Give

In my daily life I get called things like a faggot, queer, gay, and pussy. Do you think I like it? Honestly, do you? You know, I give off that I love life and I did... until the final straw has broken the camel's back. I received a text from a friend of 3 years last night that read:

"You have turrets you faggot."

Since then I have been an emotional wreck. I have cried a lot, and decided that I can't take this from Stardoll. Bitches like Hotstuff and anonymous need to stop. It is killing me inside. Some days I can hardly bring myself to get out of bed. I'm depressed. The worst thing is, I hate life.

People say that life is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Wrong. When your life is littered with constant insults from family, friends, and people I don't know it is awful. Life is hideous to me right now, so I will be taking a leave of absents from this blog until further notice. It may be a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.
I need to get my head together. I won't even check the comments this time.

I don't want to know what these awful people have to say... and I hope that this post makes it stop, because if when I come back I get more awful comments the leave of absents will make me non-existent. From now on, when I log I will not answer any messages except those from Fag_Puff, Arna-Rut, Fakeshake3, Writemarycat, Britneys07 and Lovinitlovinit (unless I just forgot to put you).

Stop hurting me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Na, Na, Na, Na!

OMG. OMG. OMG. I finally got a scoop... and here it is! Thefemalebitch2 is desperate enough to come to me and say:

Helllo. Fag_Puff thinks i'm lying because I told him that I don't know him in real life, which I don't.
In this really long article on his blog it says a whole bunch of things that are not true, (The thing about me demanding sd's is correct though!)
Log on to my account and see for yourself because apparently your the only one he'll believe.my pass is !!!eee

Talk about patheticism! Since you all have her password, I would like to sing a great song:

Na, na, na, na.
Na, na, na, na!

Good-bye bitch!

P.S. I saw on the weather channel that this week's forecast in hell says that it will be 1,000,000 degrees all week long! It will be perfect to get your tan... maybe every a sun burn!

I will almost miss your writing... but then I'll remember you're a satanic b*tch who sent me pictures of some one who wasn't even Dan. GREAT Job. Not.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Back...

No, I am not quoting Polergiest... but I am back (actually I was back yesterday) from England! :D Over thanks giving I got to spend alot of great time with my family, read the twilight sagaon the air-plane there, and back... and do my favorite word. S-H-O-P! There are so many great department stores in London! I visited Harod's, Selfridges and many others! My favorite stores were the vintage shops of Portobello street! I most of all, and glad to be back! I didn't bring my computer, so unless while I was in Worcester staying with family... I couldn't get on! (from Thursday-Saturday) I didn't have internet in London, but thank god I am back!

I am not pleased to see porno's littering my comments (although it is a great story with a well though out plot... but is EXTREMELY creepy, and shouldn't involve my home-girl Puff!) aswell as spamming. I know it is coming from the same people, so STOP! I might shove a parasol up your ass and repeatedly open it and close it until my lil' crazy dog can eat your heart which was thrusted out of your body!

So, I will have more blogging coming up soon! In the mean time, I have to practice for a piano recital, read, do homework, design/sew, and most of all find time to post!

Love you guys!

WHILE YOU'RE WAITING, WATCH THIS: (it's R-Pat at his most delicious!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Readers,

I'm so thankful for all of the beloved readers here at Itsstardollgossip.blogspot.com! This blog, with out you wouldn't last with out your love, support, and constant visitation! You are our metaphorical Native Americans and you are our Pilgrims! Although we won't someday take away what was yours first and forget that you are people, we will always remember you. Kind of like how we are thankful to the Indians and God for getting us through the rough times! As I look back at the wonderful times we have had together I would love to say I love you. Although at times it doesn't seem that way... we do. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! When you say that I ruin this blog, I just forgive and forget. If it wasn't for the anonymous strangers, we wouldn't have the courage to go out on a limb and at times fall on our backs!

I, Anthony am thankful for God, my family and the many privileges that I have (that many don't). I am thankful for a place where I can let my hair down (even though I can't in real life) and kick back, with some people who are like family to me!

As I must go, I challenge you guys, the heart and soul of this fine blog to come up with what you are thankful for. It can be Anthony from fashion to football, gay to straight, heart to brain. On the glorious day of thanksgiving, we forget all of our differences and celebrate. Celebrate life, love, and faith; faith in who ever we choose to trust in.

A wise man once told me, all you can do is plant seeds and watch them grow. This seed has grown into a proud flower.

With love,


P.S. Don't forget to comment what you are thankful for! I know it will be good!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick. Perverted. CREEPY!

Sick, perverted, creepy. All words I would use to describe a message I just recieved!

It was from a girl named ...dandg... saying that she would put pictures of me all over the internet, and would not do it only for a gift-code! I'm seriously... speechless!

Idk what I should do, that's why I've taken it to the streets! HELP, Idk what to do! (and if you're reading this, YOU'RE GOING DOWN... BITCH!)

Watch your back!

By saying FAF, I meant he is faf as a person!

Did he bake you a cup-cake, hotstuff? HE DID FOR ME AND BRITNEY!

Btw. I hate that word. Don't use the other f word in my comments.

Oh, and I know that most of the anonymous is the same person.

Watch your back little girls,

Anthony is in the house.

PS. don't ask to get raped. I'm pretty sure some one would... OH, and I know it isn't Ellie. She's better than that! Oh, and by the way... I'm here to stay. A damn long time. And if Britney fires me, I've got theacidcrowd with my darling Ellie! I'm not going to leave, and there is nothing you can do about it! Go 69 with Sally Struthers.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I get it...

People to do not like me! I get that my posts lack the same ol' pizzazz that they used to have... but I barely have time to look at magazines! I've gotten less clever, less witty, and less charming! As I sipped on my frappechino and read my old posts I've realized that I better get my b*tchiness right BACK! *GRRRRRRR!!!* Okay, that didn't work... but I'll try! OOOH, I have something to say to thefemaledog about her puffy pics!

Are you a crazy b*tch? You would actually take picture of some one you don't even KNOW and put them on your blog? Oooooh, sally Kern has nothing on you... you are a TURKISH BREATHMINT! (if you don't know, look it up. You'll laugh) So what if Dan takes racy pics of himself! HAVEN'T WE ALL? I should release my femal dogs on you! Even though my dog is a jack-russel terrier... SHE WILL BIGHT YO' TITTIES OFF, BITCH! (http://i37.tinypic.com/90q5jc.jpg) *Takes out one of my tranny (oooh, like isis on top model! Those shitz were HUGE) earrings and shoves them up a cretain place* I don't know what certain place because your medoll kind of totally looks like a boy! I can't decifer either way! AND YOU, fag_puff fan... you would PAY for more pictures of him? That's honestly kind of stalkerish! What are you gonna do? (You're probably a boy too) Jerk off while you look at his pics? I can imagine it now, you b*tch!

Puff is FAF. If you can't take that, then you better pack up your bags and go to were you belong. The brothel! (or maybe Cathous. Idk, that show is AMAZING) Here, I'll give you my fav bright red hooker lipstick! It'll go perfect with your yeast infection!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Alberta Ferretti is a real celeb aswell! :D Yayyyy! Take a look into her exclusive closet! (could I spy some more clothing that they could potentially sell? Idk... but it's FABULOUS!)

Get your White Flags ready, B*tches! :D

Could there be a sign of a truce in the future? Here, under a post I wrote previously (like 5 minutes before this) Ellie and Mary agree! :D Yayyy! I hope this so called cat fight ends soon! I don't like it when my friends fight!
Some one should create team Ellie, and team Mary shirts! I'd buy them both, and wear them at the same time!


Although people think is is vain to throw your pics all over a blog, I think it's okay to give people a sneak peak as to what is behind your favorite blogs! Wooo!

The first is me, with my some ban's on! How vintagly beautiful:

The Second is BLake Lively on the cover of W! Well, my rendition! Hahahaha. The lighting is kinda bad, so don't go crazy girl... or I'll call seCCCCuurRRrrIIItttYYY! :D

It's Philosophy, B!tch!

Yes. Stardoll now has the real life label... PHILOSOPHY DI ALBERTA FERRETI! Wooooo! The outfits from the current collection (available on stardoll) have graced the bodies of Lily Donaldson, Anne Hathaway, and Reese Witherspoon... but also MANY, MANY, MANY covers of magazines like Vogue to ones you have never heard of!

The only bad part is the price :P This will deffinetly end up like first edition DKNY. High price, high-demand! Besides, it's fucking fabulous! I'm willing to shell out 28 sds for the most realistic stardoll dress I have ever seen!
This is AMAZING! I'll have my fav outfits from the store out soon... until then, BUY IT BITCHES!
Get yours before they're gone,

P.S. YOU, heard it hear first! *hooray for Anthony being sick and logging on it bed!*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay for Asians!

Following Versace's Epic ALL ASIAN show (not even Fendi could pull it off with their great wall of Fendi show... which had many caucasians) stardoll has 3 new asian dolls! Two superstar, and one "new free"! Yay for Asians! :D (by the way, I'm letting Brit post the dramz... It's too complicated for me... plus I'm stuck in the middle with two best friends - ellie and mary-)

But, the new free one could be a little bit hauter, and ugh... Sandra Oh gets on my shitz! She was aweful in Sideways (movie... which was kind of gross) and is overly strange on Greys Anatomy!
By the way... could some one post a comment saying how to get the spoilers? I can't do it the way it is shown on perez! (yes, I know I'm "such a dip-shit, and I'm "killing" this blog" oh yes....)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's (Virtual) War!

Is it wrong to think that this is all a gift from the Stardoll Gossip Gods? Barely two days ago, it seemed we'd be mourning the death of Stardoll Juice/Gossip as we know it by getting virtually wasted at another virtual night club (yes, it's as pathetic as it sounds). To quote a BS song (one of my specialties) "I'm so damn glad that's over..." I guess a watched pot can boil afterall, and in our case, it has.
Yes, fellow gossip groupies and devoted writers, Stardoll Gossip has been resurrected by none other then Miss Bad Media Karma herself, Ellie Watson. It's not too much of a suprise that fakeshake3 would find herself featured amongst the tabloids, but this time it is different.
The drama began shortly after Ellie posted this comment under one of our posts about the new November/December issue release of Mary's (writemarycat) popular magazine 'Eternity'. Not long after Ellie left her comment, Mary back fired by accusing Ellie and her newfound dislike for the magazine of being a bitch of sorts because she has denied Ellie a spot on the cover of the mag.
Soon, both girls took it upon themselves to comment on the story on their respective Gossip Blogs. Ellie is claiming that she asked Mary "five months ago" to be on the cover and got over Mary's decision. Innocent enough, yes? Well...no. Mary is saying that Ellie asked her to be on the cover in September (which is, the last time I counted, not five months ago). Who to belive?


This is where the drama get's juicey (or 'So Middle School'). It seems that the conflict is a bit deeper then we all had hoped. Ellie, our sources have exlcusively confirmed, is claiming that Mary turned (Ellie's Uber-BFF) Gina (modelisous) against her. Mary, however, believes that Ellie's only motivation in the friendship is to get as many rares out of Gina as possible. In the picture above, you can see that Ellie's collection has grown over the past few month and Mary claims it is because Ellie has been kissing some serious ass to get them, even pulling a "Doesn't our friendship mean anything to you?" type question on her. Who do we believe? Could Ellie possibly just be living up to her 'Miss Bad Media Karma' nickname? Or is Mary reading everything wrong?


Team Ellie? or Team Mary/Gina?


Monday, November 17, 2008

Drama Folllows Some, Others Chase After It...

And some start it in my comments. More tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poll Results!

Style Magazine hasn't lost it's fans - even after it's rather lengthy extended hiatus. Although the magazine hasn't been published in months, it has suprisingly topped our Weekly Poll as our readers favorite Stardoll Magazine. Now, I'm not too suprised at the fact that people love the well-written articles and the amazing graphics, I'm most suprised at the fact that it's teen counterpart - Teen Style - and Eternity, who have basically been ruling the magazine scene for the past few months, fell behind it.
Style's still got it - whether you like it or not.
Eternity - 23%
Done! 15%
What's Your Favorite Stardoll Magazine?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Check It Out, Bitches!

Soooo sorry for the lack of posts. With two writers who are in school, barely enough time to change their outfits (not to mention that Britney hasn't logged on in a few days) it's the weekend and I finally have some time to post, about my lover... Britney! :D
WOOOOOO! Covergirl of Eternity Magazine... with none other than the ABFAB Noelle! :D Although some one the graphics look a little rushed, I have to commend the great length and awesome articles! Yay for the bitch! I must say, I like it better than Style Magazine. Although it's a little under her level of hotness, at least she used some one other than one of her fellow Elite bitches! Yay for Britney!! Will someone from the ISS team be a cover-girl of Eternty any time soon?
No! Although, I thought I was (and her bad grammar practically said I was) I'm not. I did fall out of my chair when I thought I was.
I have one phrase that describes me:
"Always a brides-maid, never a bride..."
Until next time, (or maybe more than a week again... SORRY, but it wasn't intentional)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't Spell Me Nothin'

When you have uber observant people on stardoll like me, you can't hid mistakes. Especially at spelling. I noticed this particularly on Agyness Deyn's doll. On one of her trade-mark Henry Holland t-shirts, her name is spelled Dean. Agyness wouldn't be keen on their spelling of Deyn! I also noticed, that with her long hair she looks just like (one of the most shiteous and un-appealing actresses... especially in Spanglish when she won't stop crying and he nose is as red as blood) Tea Leoni! That is it's self is truly hilarious!

Something I did love about the doll was the great choices of short hair, and jewellry! The little head-bands are truly adorable, aswell as the "mod" sunglesses! My favorite thing, though, is the Betsy Johnson dress... one of Agyness's most well known outfits!

Something I'd also love to bring up about the new theme, is that the graphics in the little preview (in the magazine) are god aweful. They look like something I would do. Maybe worse. I'm soo much more amazed by Dodence_Bt's graphics... and that fact that yes. Boys do reign supreme of fashion on stardoll! (with the exception of ellie!)

Dapper Deyn Do's! (My fav outfits) :

I chose these lucky 3 bitches, because I thought that not only their medolls, but also their outfits reflected that of Aggy Deyn! My favorite, would probably be iiNA.L0VES.Y0Ux.

Angel-Stylin: I liked this outfit, because it was plain, and simplistic. It didn't scream OH MY GOD, AGYNESS DEYN CLOTHES, or woopty do-da Agyness Deyn is on stardoll. It read calm, simple, and under-stated ellegane... but with a TWIST. The chunky earrings made it perfect!

iiNa.L0VES.Y0Ux- I liked Iina's outfit the most, because it looked like something that any one could wear! Everything coordinates with the next! The shoes go perfect with the 2.55 bag, the bag goes perfect with the skirt, and the skirt goes perfect with the top, the top goes with the gloves, and the gloves go with the medoll (beautiful make up by the way). I loved that she layered the shoes, and the out of control hair!

clairtju01- I liked her outfit, because it was all around chic! Under the hat, she had the signature Agyness faux hawk with black and pink highlights. I also LOVED the sun-glasses, and DKNY bag! The perfect mixture of new, and old clothing!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bisou: Hit AND Miss

Okay, so 'New Look' turned out to be a bust - but is anyone really angry? I mean, looking back, that pink dress was awfully shiteous. The question now, after a string of discount and frankly, tacky and cheap stores, can Stardoll redeem itself with it's latest addition of 'Bisou'?
The answer is yes... and no. While I'll admit that there are more then a few amazingly trendy and essential pieces that any girl on Stardoll should stock their virtual closets with (the line is - as of now - buyable for both Superstars and non), not everything is peachy keen. That is where 'Bisou' suceeds; the staff of Stardoll has created enough perfectly fashionable stand-outs for us to oogle while the other less fortunate pieces get pushed out of the lime light. Stand-outs of the line include 'Union Jack' print handbag, a few cute suspenders, and a lovely floral print skirt. The items are very Agyness Deyn, I'm sure Cam and Ellie will be pleased, and reflect a style that is extremely popular, so snaps for Stardoll. This comes right off the heels of The Acid Club reporting that Agy herself would be the next Real Celeb.
The Hits
Outside of those and a few other items, the line is just a sack of repeats. The 'DKNY' berets, the ones that people have been known to sell for $60, have been re-colored and untagged with the DKNY logo, while those Safari khaki high wasted shorts have been made into jeans. I get it Stardoll. It takes time to create virtual clothing, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we'd rather you take a few more days creating some quality items rather then pawn off the same sh*t in a different color.
The Misses
Hit or Miss? We say both, but what are you leaning towards?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Her Prerogative

"I don't need premission, to make my own decisions..."
If I'm back to the blog, it's only normal that I would be making a fair amount of Britney Spears references, yes? It must be a gift from the Stardoll Gossip God (not Callie - my eyes are rolling) that Style_Magazine would choose such a ferosh outfit to wear on my day back. It's not exactly the type of outfit that one might wear on the red carpet, or even to the grocery store; it's the one that a dominatrix might don as she spanks her lover (or in Style's case - 'whips') until the break of dawn.
We can all agree that Style could be one of the most controversial and talked-about figures on all of Stardoll, but what we cannot seem to agree on is whether or not she is an attention whore. Well, look no further for the answer, because this outfit is Style's way of 'living up to [her] reputation..." as one. Now don't get me wrong, this outfit is shocking and a fun way to stick it to the haters, but is it wrong that I love it? One Question: WWBD?
What would Britney do?
hj Pictures, Images and Photos
That's right, roll around on a bed in her underwear. Sh*t never fails.

Stardoll's Moment of Retardedness.

Since I have ran out of super star I've been waiting for the perfect chance to buy a code so that I can get a beautiful gift dress. What I have experienced (to quote hair-spray) is a "you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid". I think I might start cutting! (just kidding, there won't be the "emo-anthony" phase) And ppuh-lease. Don't you know why maxi's were invented? They're just a cheap excuse for buying too much fabric! The maxi dresses that were done by Mary-Kate and Ashley for WAL-MART WERE BETTER! If stardoll really valued people becoming a supstar they would make a dresses that were at least a little bit more creative, and (this is the code word) CUTE! I mean, I'm all for slacking off and doing what is easiest at the moment, but if stardoll really, REALLY wants more people to become stardoll they'll give out designer gowns! I would buy 1000 stardollars for a few Versace dresses and a Marc Jacobs bag! Those are really what girls want. And you're probably wondering "what does ANTHONY know about what girls want?" I know that I'm can't read girl's minds like Mel Gibson from his really good movie What Women Want, but I hang around enough girls and shop enough to know that we want things that are feirce in it's self, but with a touch of personal style!! Hell, I'd even take some Comme De Garcons fall 2008 rather than some of the stuff they've been given out! If stardoll has done one good thing with these shiteous dresses, it has created the old Anthony, who will GIVE A RANT TO HIS LOVERS!

With bitchiness,
Your British Bitch!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Join Baby One More Time...

Hey bloggin' bitches! I feel like I haven't written here in ages! I'm, first of all, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been extremely wrapped up in my personal life for the last few weeks and this blog has sort of slipped out of my mind. Well, have no fear - I'm back, and to keep you all informed on what's happening, I've created a CLUB for you to join and love.
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lanvin A/W 2008-2009

"Part of a designer's job is to be pragmatic. Not to be ashamed to think about making life easy for a woman."
This has always been the secret to Alber Elbaz's success, at Lanvin and elsewhere before that. Pragmatism, without a doubt, but realism too, even for elegance at its chicest. The common thread running through this season's collection is the intricately worked grosgrain used to construct entire dresses, and more generally, ribbons, tapes, and pleats, horizontal and vertical chic, the peak of technical perfection, ethereal or more structured, but always easy to wear, and even more easy on the eye.
From the figure hugging day dress to the sequined Roaring 20's inspired evening dress, to asymmetrical sexy sheath dress and suits and trench coats more classic in nature. Lanvin's black and shades of pearl is simplicity at it's more alluring which pays tribute to women everywhere who want to be sure that their power of seduction also means being at one with what they wear.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Because so many people have been hatin' on me recently, I've decided to go back to basics, file into my reserve of fashion, and pull a fashion review from my ass!
Balenciaga By Nicolas Ghesquiere (Fall-Winter 2008-2009)

Just when you though that the little black dress no longer held and had secrets, along comes Nicolas Ghesqiere. At Balencuaga, the designer has quite simply reinvinted it, meshing a fifties "film noir" touch with a resolutely modernist touch aproach. As witnessed by the rigorous line that fits like a glove. Few houses can boast such unity between their founded and the current designer. This season more so than ever before, Nicolas Ghesquiere successfully melds his own personal passions with the Balenciaga heritage. The young designer's taste for sci-fi and techo surfaces, like plastic, is ideal for Balenciaga's renowned sleekness. you could call it "latex couture", given the substance by shiny carapace-like dresses, slit skirts for sophisticated femininity, all in swathes - tight, geometric pants and small round shouldered jackets, cleverly draped taffeta and velvet tops and a hand painted latex.
A tour de force in every respect.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Look: New Shop

No, I'm not speaking of the new Star Plaza layout, or the new Medoll hair/lips/and eyes (although those are fantabulous) I'm talking about a new Star Plaza shop! That's right, the word of the virtual street is that the Star Plaza will once again add a new virtual-version of a real store. 'New Look', a store with such celebrity lines as Lily Allen (Perez would be in heaven if she were here), is best known in the United Kindom. They offer a variety of clothes that include celebrity inspired clothing lines (similar to Candies and Abbey Dawn). Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this store in the near future!


How do you get this 'Pretty in Pink' dress, you ask? Simply go to the Star Plaza and search the color pink. On the 15th page, you'll find the dress! If you want it in real life, you can follow the link (just click the pic) back to the site! Good luck and happy shopping.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A'Hoy There?

One f-in' hot pirate! :)
ALOT OF YOU, have been concerned with my postes lately. Frankly, I don't have the time to write a novel on this blog every day. Between soccer, b-day party planning, and school... my plate is full, and keeping in touch with people I don't even know isn't my top priority.
Sorry, but I don't give a shit about you haterz! I'll put up a video if I damn well please!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's 'Hair-tasic'!

"What gives a girl power and punch? It is charm? Is it poise? No! It's hairspray!" Hairspray, possibly my favorite musical of this decade, is funky, fun, and hairtastic! It looks like Stardoll decided to take a page out of Hairspray's book and make some truly fabulously over-the-top hairDOs for your Medoll to enjoy!
Is it just me, or has Stardoll actually been getting freakin' awesome? The October Hot Buys redifine the word 'fierce', they are finally using their influence over the millions of girls/boys/trannies that log on everyday to inspire Breast Cancer Awareness, and they JUST released over 10 new hairstyles! Alright, so it doesn't quite measure up to the wonderfulness of the 'Pink for October' store, but it is wonderful to everyone who has been waiting for months for a weave!
The Short and Sweet
The Long and Loose
What's Your Favorite?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The War on Breasts

If you have anyone close to you, who has survived, has, or have been lost to cancer... don't read this. It's a very sensitive subject... and since I live in a family that has been affected by some types of cancer, I know how it is. I just want to show you the lighter side, of my birth month (two days, bitches)!

In the month of October, every realizes that green is definitely last season, and pink... is the new black! All because of a deadly disease called cancer! In the words of Wendy Testaburger, an avid, Breast Cancer supporter! (btw, I'm IN LOVE with the reversed color Prada bag in the BC shop!)

Monday, October 20, 2008


See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

One word. Puppies.

Published by: Julie! :D (anthony's big sis')

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poll Results!

A week ago, I asked all of you budding fashionistas what, out of the limited choices, designer you wished would set up a virtual haven in the Star Plaza. Here are your results:
01. Marc Jacobs - 35%
02. Gucci - 32%
03. L.A.M.B. - 19%
04. Versace - 13%
So, what I'm wondering, as I put off writing an essay on the themes and characterizations of Jeffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, is what designers YOU want, other then the four choices. I know that a lot of my fantabulous readers know more then a thing or two about the Fashion Industry, so spill it babes!

Friday, October 17, 2008

An Open Letter to My Hat'ahs

Dear haters,

Two words for you are: suck it. I get tired of people saying I've lost my touch, but 10 minutes later saying that I'm great. Make up your mind. It's hard. No, correction, extremely hard, to find something to write about every single day for you guys. ((it's hard)) It's also extremely hard, when people critisize me and only like me for my spit-fire mouth. I curse. Fuck, pussy, shit, ass, whore, cunt, dick. There, if I haven't given you enough of an offense, this will. Damn. You. To. Hell. If you can't do anything but criticize LEAVE!

With little loveleft over,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Same old shitz!

Although lil' Ms. Gia (dreamma, Diamond-Ddiva) is my home-girl, I've got to say that her picks for prettiest medoll are pretty messed up. First of all, she says her pick, has the freshest prettiest features. Probably, because she used like like 2 months ago... and still sometimes does!

In my opinion, that doll looks like a lil' fugly street-walker, that couldn't even find a pimp! She should get rid of the winged eyes (that was over with The Bangles and before that, Cleopatra!) and the eyeshadow, just screams COCKATOO! (good hooker name, btw... perfect for her) I just think, that it's an aweful choice! Some one like the puff-meister is a good choice (his hair is original) or my brother (she's not a boy), Lovinitlovinit, or yours truly who created one of the first weaves! :) (if you're too much of a fuck-tard to not get that this was a joke, go 69 sally struther's, or have a 3some with your parents!)

Da b*tch,



HOLY SHIT-MONKEYS!!! The new "lace" collection is absolute perfection!! :) It it the perfect touch of feminity to the shit that we were forced to look at last week! Plus, have any of you noticed, that there's wigs? Perfect to add to my collection of tranny-licous accessories, but also perfection for halloween! I believe my favorite of the new clothes (it's not the Alexander McQueen, although that's pretty high up...) is the Prada bag! It is major-hotness, and the perfect price! Who ever though you could get prada for less than 1ooo bucks? (well, not one of the cute lil' nylon make-up bags, that are about $250!) I never did!

I also fell in love with the parasol! For the on-coming rainy (and snowy) season, it'll be perfect to cover your coif! Plus, isn't every one in love with the new starplaza layout! (sorry, that's my last time blabbering about it, I promise!) The only thing I ask for, is the Alexander McQueen flats! HOLY F*CK, I loved them! (Btw, if when you pick up the prada bag for the first time and there's only half of it... it's not like that once it's bought! At first I though "HOLY SHIT, it better be whole, or the devil will being wearing half a prada... AND THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY, CALLIE!! You and you're hideous hair, and obviously fake louboutins!)

Oh yes, the bitch... is back! *evil(ish) laugh*,


Monday, October 13, 2008

New Stardoll Layout: LOVES IT! :D

I am OFFICIALLY in love with the new stardplaza lay-out! You don't have to look hard to find things, and they've gotten so "high-tech" that you can chat while shopping! Could it get any better? I think not! The thing I liked most is, when I'm in the seach section, I no longer have to ex out, and start all over! (it used to freeze my comp! :()

So, what do you think?

Makeover: Star Plaza

Stardoll bores me sometimes. Let's not pretend like we all haven't spent hours trying different looks and outfits in the Plaza on a rainy Sunday or dressing up dolls we've already dressed up thousands of times while we should really be typing an essay for school...
The fact that Stardoll changes the simplest of things (like our Star Plaza) keeps everything fresh for me. Sure, it's just a change of format, but I love it. Stardoll has been slowly changing everything from suite functions to designer labels. I still hate them for what they did to my f*cking Chanel (which I now hide in my closet out of shame!) though. What I'm trying to get at, through my tired rumbles, is that I generally like the new layout of this tired concept. IO can still remember Stardoll's Golden Days, though, when the Star Plaza wasn't the Star Plaza, it was a beaken of hope and fashion where a girl could buy a quality piece of virtual attire...
That's a bit to far, eh?