Monday, March 30, 2009

And the nominees are....

It's that Star Award time again! Thanks to Stardoll's Most Hated Website for the list - it doesn't seem to be up in the club yet. Highlighted in bold is my vote!!!

Best Newcomer: Wylie1995, TheFemaleDog, Audrey_Coco, and 123Christopher

Best Female Medoll: Hunnigall, WriteMaryCat, Tyrall, and Puccapo

Best Male Medoll: 123Christopher, Danpuffs, -cooldude, and Dodence_bt

Best Dressed: Glamour1, Fakeshake3, Babii-Mariex, and IamYourFat

Best Suite: Bella_La_Swan, MSdavies2005, FionaMcgonigle, and Woman-in-White

Social Butterfly: Modelisous, YouLoveLorie, IluvMumble333, and Bluegreen86

Best Personality: BeverlyHillsHei, Undamyumbrellla, Bluegreen86, and Welsh_Witch

Best Friendship: Mik-Ma & Hunnigall, Model-Selena & Style_Magazine, WriteMaryCat & Angeliiicaa__, and Arna-Rut & Dodence_bt

Best Magazine: Dodence_bt for Glamour Magazine, Model-Selena for Teen Style Magazine, TheFemaleDog for Dog Magazine, and Star_Awards for Eccentric Magazine

Best Blog:,, and

Best Business: Bluegreen86 for MelsModels, SingingMermaid for SingingMermaid designs, WriteMaryCat, Babii-Mariez, and Heidi-di for TrendLounge, and Paulina for AskPaulinaGirls

Special Achivement Award: Style_Magazine, Springate, Iamyourfat, and Isabella.Arci

Biggest Role Model: Model-Selena, Bluegreen86, Steelone, and Gemma_w

Who will you be voting for?

Gabrielle xx

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Ten Finalists!

The 10 finalists for "Gabrielle Ankh's New BFF" are:


Well done! from now on, all the action will take place in club "MyNewBestie" and at, so anyone can join to keep up to date with the contest!

Goodbye dodence_bt?

As I logged on to stardoll and went to deal with my friend requests, I was surprised to see that Mario was not on my friends list anymore, so I went to visit his suite. Gone. I also recieved a mail saying his club (that I'm manager of) was inactivated! His design blog is gone too. Did he give anyone any warning of leaving? I will definately miss his awesome designs and friendly nature, and I'm sure a lot of others will too....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gabrielle Ankh's New BFF

OK, so I'm really bored and much in need of a project to keep me occupied, so I have decided to run "Gabrielle Ankh's New BFF". It works just like Paris Hilton's New BFF. Of course, I highly doubt anyone will be able to replace Kay, my best friend on Stardoll, but they can sure as hell try! I need 10 people to sign up (boys and girls), which they can do in the comments below. Its just a bit of fun, nothing serious! And ANYONE can apply. Oh, be sure to leave your stardoll username!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Discount DKNY

I was browsing the today when I came across this familiar looking dress in Primark! It has a definate DKNY 2009 resemeblance and the price? £13!!! Check it out here! The Primark one is the one at the very end, by the way!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strike A Pose

Talk about faboosh! Former tabloid Queen and BFF of Ms. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, GaGa's it up in the new issue of Black Book. In a shockingly bright and colorful spread, Richie dons a particularly-fabulously-gorgeous Miu Miu sequined jacket that just happened to be released by Stardoll as a special Holiday treat this past December!


Forgive me for being terribly lame, but I truly love when I see some of our pixelated outfits come to life on the rich and the famous! On a side note, if you have not yet seen any of lolgasmic The Simple Life, you must - it is seriously one of my guiltiest pleasures!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Creep Alert!

On this website we play, designed for young people and fashion lovers, creeps are a-lurking as I discovered for myself today with this email I recieved... The email quotes

"Mel? Gabrielle? Whateva tha hell you call yourself, I know ya secret. Ya have 2 accounts. bluegreen86. punkyfish2007. and who whos what othas! Im on 2 ya! Expect further emails."

And this pic was attached.
Apparently this proves everything...? I can assure you me and Mel are different people...

Creepy or what?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ANTI-Burn Book

I know you may complain that I am "pushing" a new blog, as some of you have complained before, but I really want to tell you about the Anti-Burn Book - partially inspired by a comment made by Ms. Mary 'Writemarycat' Walkerson, this book praises the people of Stardoll instead of insulting them... - To view it, click Here!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

If. You. Seek. A-ME.

Loves it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Perez Has (Officially) Left the Building

P-Bitch is gone! Without so much as a goodbye, the last traces that the legendary - let's just call her Perez - gossip writer and good friend of mine have vanished from Stardoll entirely. After a few months of inactivity, her account has been officially deleted. You will be missed...more.
Bring on the impostors.

April Hot Buys - Back on Form!

1. Sonya Rykiel Fur Vest - It is very hard to pull a wild fur vest off, but what's life without a few fashion risks? This is a definite must have.

2. Stella McCartney Print Tunic - While not my favourite item - it is a bit too shiny graphics wise - I still find it somewhat cute.

3. Headband -
I do not think that I could personally ever pull this fabulous piece off, but more power to those who could!

4. Luella Blazer - Ultra, ultra cute! If you know me, you know I love blazers! I actually just recently bought a sort of similar one but in red.

5. Necklace - Me want! Excuse my reversion to caveman times, but this is a must have! Very gorgeous and very rockworthy.

6. Marc Jacobs Heart skirt - I find the tulip shape to be actually quite pretty, but the pattern is hideous to the max.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Tunic -
Every budding fashionista needs some Yves Saint Laurent in their virtual wardrobes, and this is the perfect start piece.

8. Richard Nicoll Dress - I really do love the shape of the waist, it gives the garment fantastic structure. Lady GaGa would die for this!

9. Marc Jacobs Bag - I'm sitting on the fence for this one - one one hand, you can't go wrong with Marc, but on another, it's not that cute!

10. Marc Jacobs Shoes - These remind me of a pair of L.E. heels - same color scheme maybe? I really like them and cannot wait for their release.


Agree, Disagree?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The A-List

Just when you thought that you were safe, as the last of the judgmental, ego-sucking bitches on Stardoll the A List is born. But one problem is, we love it! Whoever runs it makes sure to keep the bitchy to a minimum (as it should be) and also keeps you updated on the latest Stardoll happenings!
Are you B-List?
Are you A-List?
Are you B-List?
Are you A-List?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Gloves Come Off...

The other day Burn Book Bitch posted a nasty entry about Kasia (undamyumbrellla) on her blog, Fug Fashions, calling her a "bald 80's hooker" and "fancy dress". the outfit wasn't terrible and I applaud Kasia for experimenting with her clothes and styles, and judging by the comments on Fug Fashions, so does everyone else. However, I LOVED her response to the situation. She posted on her blog, the following.

The claws are out!!!! Whose side are you on? Be sure to comment!
Oh, also, after the closing of Stardoll Fashion Forwards I decided to open a similar blog, so check it out here and become a follower to keep up to date with all fashion news. I will be posting spoilers there too!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woe Is Me

I'm sick. Not the 'I'm sick (fake cough)' either.
(Okay - add three boxes of Kleenex, holey pajamas, a dazed look, and take away alot of sluttiness and the purple teletubbie and you've got me)
I've had strep throat and a sinus infection for the past week and I have been living like a complete reality-show-zombie up in the dark dungeon that I call my room. Besides barely sleeping, starving, and a few unmentionables, I have been unable to successfully break my connection with every horribly entertaining Bravo T.V. marathon that has been on loop since last Wednesday!
Any suggestions for Ms. Sicky? Send me something, I'm dying here all by my lonesome. Expect some annoying constant updates over the weekend!

The Dog Magazine

I'm not usually a huge thefemaledog fan but her new Dog Magazine was so funny I had to share it with you all! She takes on a light hearted view of the recent events of Stardoll! Even though I love springate and I write for a Stardoll magazine, I still love it! Here is the issue:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm spoiling you rotten...

Loads of spoilers this week, firstof all it looks like there is a new Girl Power theme in store for us with the release of some cute clothing in the form of of this cute tunic, checkered skirt and fluffy jacket, along with a scary looking tribal shrine thingy...
Other releases include this gorgeous dress and jumpsuit and a tarty dress.
There is also another bloody rerelease in the form of this Phillip lim skirt along with some sacks of money and a box that, er, jumps... Maybe some mystery gift thing? Although, i wouldn't blow 25 sd on a surprise from Stardoll, not with their crap track record...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Huge Hack Alert?

There are stories circulating all over Stardoll that there is a hugekey log scam going on. Poor emorox4eva had her account hacked this way and her rares sold for 2sd. I don't really understand how it works but people recieve friends requests saying something along the lines of "I love your medoll and youre so stylish" and when you accept your password is sent to them. I am scared I have already accepted one of these because I accept anyone really... I'm not completely sure how to avoid one of these scams either so I will be declining ANY requests just to be on the safe side... DanPuffs recieved this request from one of the hackers...
I couldn't tell you if all this is true but the general feeling seems to be that it is, so be careful!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spoilers and 24 dollar crap.

Ok, there are hundreds of clothes coming out in the next few days but these are my pick of the best:

I especially love the necklace - very Elle and Armani.
On to my rant: I was really looking forwards to the release of the DKNY necklaces. The first was released today - for 24 sd! It is not even that nice! The rest of the spring collection was released too - gorgeous!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BBB presents Fug Fashion

Burn Book Bitch is back with a new project after her wordpress account was deleted, called Fug fashions, which can be found at and critisises people on Stardoll's outfits. If she can make the comments really funny then I guess it might be a success, otherwise just another nasty, bitchy blog which mocks people with a different fashion sense than her. Only time can tell.

Premire Issue of Glamour Magazine!

Mario (Dodence_bt) has released the first issue of his new magazine, Glamour Magazine. I wasn't at the party, due to a family thing, but I came along later to check out the magazine, and I could wait to read the articles I had written. When I arrived at the front page I was blown away by Mario's graphics! They surely rival Style's! My two articles, along with Arna-Rut's awesome interview were there. Two articles have yet to be released, which I can't wait to read.

See It Here!