Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woe Is Me

I'm sick. Not the 'I'm sick (fake cough)' either.
(Okay - add three boxes of Kleenex, holey pajamas, a dazed look, and take away alot of sluttiness and the purple teletubbie and you've got me)
I've had strep throat and a sinus infection for the past week and I have been living like a complete reality-show-zombie up in the dark dungeon that I call my room. Besides barely sleeping, starving, and a few unmentionables, I have been unable to successfully break my connection with every horribly entertaining Bravo T.V. marathon that has been on loop since last Wednesday!
Any suggestions for Ms. Sicky? Send me something, I'm dying here all by my lonesome. Expect some annoying constant updates over the weekend!


lovinitlovinit said...

Oh, honey! You've got the bug! I had it a few weeks ago, and it was hell on earth.

Take my advice, and don't eat ANYTHING. I thought I would get better with some food in my tummy. Ha. My stomach rejected it within 10 minutes! There's not a whole lot you can do, just sleep.

When you get better, you won't have a ton of appetite. But the next day you'll be hungry and eat a lot! DON'T! I did, and I speak from EXPIRIENCE! When the bug is gone, eat lightly until you are fully healthy again. :)

I hear peanut butter on saltine's is good. Not tasty good, but in the "I won't puke this" good.


youlovelorie said...

Aw, B!
Drink OJ!
Stay warm, take hot baths.

Tip: Whenever I'm sick, I take the mindset that "I'm not sick". When I tell myself that I'm fine, I automatically feel a bit better.

rihanna_best_si said...

Of Course you have to eat!
Dont be an anorexic girl like some ther people.
Eat healthy foods! And sleep and drink lots of water!

Gabrielle said...

Get well soon, I know how you feel, I'm just getting over an illness :(

x-fabby-x said...

Shame! if you feel ill start with dry toast and build up from that.Get Well Soon

TopMedoll/KitKat said...

Unlike what most people are suggesting, you NEED to eat! Just drink some OJ, and eat healthy foods like apples. If you don't, you'll tend to get sicker, due to lack of food. Toast may also work, not sure about that though. : )
Get well soon!

lovinitlovinit said...

Lol, I'm not suggesting you be annorexic, hon.
If you have what my whole family had, you probably don't even want to eat anything. My dad didn't eat anything and he's the only one who survived it without a lot of suffering!

But, I'm not a doctor. What do I know.

Mary | Eclipse said...

Awww loveyy!!!! Get better! I believe in you! I dunno how you get healthy there in the USA and your medicine, but...
I love you!!!!

Get Well!!!

That girl aka Alicia said...

omg, feel soo sorry 4 u. Eat minimum not nothing at all though. I don't have much experience with being sick cuz I am not a person that gets sick a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hot baths, hot baths, hot baths! You'll instantly feel sleepy, and, relaxed.
Drink hot water, with some honey and ginger, or, you could try hot whisky with lemon. Or, hot, lemony tea.
Don't let it(the hot whisky) become cold, though or it will taste horrendous. You can get the 'recipe' online.


Britney said...

Thanks babes!

Y'all were mucho helpful!