Monday, March 30, 2009

And the nominees are....

It's that Star Award time again! Thanks to Stardoll's Most Hated Website for the list - it doesn't seem to be up in the club yet. Highlighted in bold is my vote!!!

Best Newcomer: Wylie1995, TheFemaleDog, Audrey_Coco, and 123Christopher

Best Female Medoll: Hunnigall, WriteMaryCat, Tyrall, and Puccapo

Best Male Medoll: 123Christopher, Danpuffs, -cooldude, and Dodence_bt

Best Dressed: Glamour1, Fakeshake3, Babii-Mariex, and IamYourFat

Best Suite: Bella_La_Swan, MSdavies2005, FionaMcgonigle, and Woman-in-White

Social Butterfly: Modelisous, YouLoveLorie, IluvMumble333, and Bluegreen86

Best Personality: BeverlyHillsHei, Undamyumbrellla, Bluegreen86, and Welsh_Witch

Best Friendship: Mik-Ma & Hunnigall, Model-Selena & Style_Magazine, WriteMaryCat & Angeliiicaa__, and Arna-Rut & Dodence_bt

Best Magazine: Dodence_bt for Glamour Magazine, Model-Selena for Teen Style Magazine, TheFemaleDog for Dog Magazine, and Star_Awards for Eccentric Magazine

Best Blog:,, and

Best Business: Bluegreen86 for MelsModels, SingingMermaid for SingingMermaid designs, WriteMaryCat, Babii-Mariez, and Heidi-di for TrendLounge, and Paulina for AskPaulinaGirls

Special Achivement Award: Style_Magazine, Springate, Iamyourfat, and Isabella.Arci

Biggest Role Model: Model-Selena, Bluegreen86, Steelone, and Gemma_w

Who will you be voting for?

Gabrielle xx


roxorgirl13 said...

Cool. I might vote. Who knows...:P

lovinitlovinit said...

I don't think I'll vote.
No offense, but I disagree with some of your choices. :)

Sophie said...

I will vote! Btw Thanks for the list!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

/Olivia aka Puccapo who is to lazy to sign in

youlovelorie said...

Aw, Thanks girl :)

DanPuffs said...

I deserve to win, I am the only boy on Stardoll with any origonality.


Claire said...

I think Olivia deserves to win to!

dodence_bt said...

Omg is Dan's blogger account hacked or something?!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That wylie995 or whatever her name is cheated!!!
She created lots of fake accounts and all of them were made on 15th February....