Monday, October 13, 2008

Makeover: Star Plaza

Stardoll bores me sometimes. Let's not pretend like we all haven't spent hours trying different looks and outfits in the Plaza on a rainy Sunday or dressing up dolls we've already dressed up thousands of times while we should really be typing an essay for school...
The fact that Stardoll changes the simplest of things (like our Star Plaza) keeps everything fresh for me. Sure, it's just a change of format, but I love it. Stardoll has been slowly changing everything from suite functions to designer labels. I still hate them for what they did to my f*cking Chanel (which I now hide in my closet out of shame!) though. What I'm trying to get at, through my tired rumbles, is that I generally like the new layout of this tired concept. IO can still remember Stardoll's Golden Days, though, when the Star Plaza wasn't the Star Plaza, it was a beaken of hope and fashion where a girl could buy a quality piece of virtual attire...
That's a bit to far, eh?


Mimi_Mami said...

i still rememember the stardoll shop before the starplaza.

i love the new format.


Madeline Jo said...

I was a member back in the first years of stardoll. Not having any cash, but dressing up my dolls, was a lot of fun.
Its fun to see how its changed now that I come back this May.
But now that this new new star plaza is in is amazing.
Its really high-tech and easy to search around.

But I can't find makeup and hair?

lovinitlovinit said...

Remember what the shop USED to be? Your amount of money (usually $10 for me from inviting my BFFs whose accounts have been deleted from lack of activity. Yeah...I am the only one who still plays!) was in a box that had a leather background like a wallet? Haha! And Hola was there! My first buy was some bow-tie flats and Daisy Duke mini shorts. Probably a Blimey Tube top, too! Ahh the good old days. :)

34sunnerbee34 said...

i think its alright! i still remember the old days! it was sooooooooo diferent! i wasnt a member but i still looked around!

Babii-Mariex said...

Love It XD