Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The War on Breasts

If you have anyone close to you, who has survived, has, or have been lost to cancer... don't read this. It's a very sensitive subject... and since I live in a family that has been affected by some types of cancer, I know how it is. I just want to show you the lighter side, of my birth month (two days, bitches)!

In the month of October, every realizes that green is definitely last season, and pink... is the new black! All because of a deadly disease called cancer! In the words of Wendy Testaburger, an avid, Breast Cancer supporter! (btw, I'm IN LOVE with the reversed color Prada bag in the BC shop!)


springate said...

BTW, if you say that I have gone OVER the edge, I'll just shrug you off... and laugh.

South Park made breast cancer funny.

Idc, if you're a whiny lil' bitch who can't take a joke.

lovinitlovinit said...

God, You have got to love South Park.

That's friggin' hilarious!

Okay, seriously, breast cancer is kind of a majorly bad thing that we can't really stop...YET. So be thankful you don't have it and supply hope for those who do! I'm wearing my pink rubber "livestrong" bracelet as I type! :)

I even bought a new pink tennis racket that donated to the fund (I donated, too)

Please said...

Anthony, I'm pleading with you to take this down. I love this site, you and Britney do a fantastic job with it, but this subject is a touchy one for me. I don't hate you, I never have, but I don't think it's either appropriate to make a joke out of it or not adress it with full seriousness.

My grandmother and my aunt have both fought and survived Breat Cancer. I try now to forget those rough months, but it is hard. Enless you could see the pain these women are in or watch as someone you love becomes sick, then you would know how serious this all is. It's not something to be made a joke of, no matter what 'South Park' says.

Please, respect women around the world and be serious. This is a serious matter. It's not about a Prada bra, or a South Park episode, it's about REAL WOMEN suffering from a horrible disease.

Please know this, Anthony.

lovinitlovinit said...

P.S. Wear your ribbons, y'all! I am decked out in pink in my suite. It kind of s*cks, though. No matter how many ribbons we wear we aren't changing breast cancer.

It's the thought that counts.

Anonymous said...

Since when does posting videos equal a post? I miss the old and creative springay.

know this said...

I am a real woman and I have breast cancer (stage 4 mets). I was not offended by this episode, I actually found it inspirational.

I am heading into my third year (with mets, 8th year with cancer), and 38th chemo treatment tomorrow.

I will be thinking of Principal Victoria's speech and Wendy beating the crap out of Cartman/Cancer tomorrow.

That's exactly what I wish I could do...kick cancer's a$$, leaving it whimpering, bloodied and bruised.

"Cancer is pure evil, it is a fat little lump that needs to be destroyed. When there is a cancer, you have to fight it. You can't reason with cancer, you can't wish it away. Cancer doesn't play by the rules, so neither can you...and you can't listen to what anybody else tells you. You have to be willing to give up everything because the cancer will take everything. Do you understand? When you have cancer, you FIGHT, because it doesn't matter if you beat it or not. You refuse to let that fat little lump make you feel powerless." - Principal Victoria

Gosia said...

I love southpark (The cartman banner?), but this is a sensitive topic to me. I lost a friend to breast cancer.

Anonymous said...

my dog had breat cancer...?
im not even kidding..
but that vid was funny and it would, for me, equal a post. it was a great vid

Angeliiicaaa__ said...

Cartman is such a douche, you just gotta love him anyways ;)

MiSS.iSAbEllE♥ said...


All I have to say. :]

j said...