Monday, October 6, 2008

HAPPY 1-3!!!

I've GOT to announce, HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, to my long time brother... LOVINITLOVINIT! (no she isn't a boy... it's an inside joke)

Loves you!

Only 17 more days for moi!



Anonymous said...

Anthony, your posting crap!

lovinitlovinit said...

(It is official...I am 13!)

Woop! That is awsome my trixadexaphobia friends! :D

Aparently it isn't just my B-Day, though! I think the 5th was UndamyUmbrellla's. So wish her a happy (belated) birthday!

And then Anthony's is on the 23rd! (See, got it RIGHT this time!)

arna-rut said...

Oh nice!!!! im 14 in 2 weeks :P

SarahMckee said...

Im 15 ... soon :D
I thought you were older than me >.<

Hunnigall said...


My birthday was on the 8th September - Hope you have a good time, girlies! (Or should I say Girlies and Trannies?!?!)

- Hunni x x x

Raine (pink-penguin3) said...

Wow my birthday is on the 9th! 2 more days bicthes! Happy birthday guys!

Olivia said...

HAPPY B-DAY CAM! Also, happy early b-day Anthony! You two are lucky. I don't turn 13 until July 30th! But we are all in seventh grade! PRETTY FLIPPIN' SWEET. Haha!

Dressing9900 said...

6 and a half weeks till' the party...7 weeks until the real b-day.