Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's 'Hair-tasic'!

"What gives a girl power and punch? It is charm? Is it poise? No! It's hairspray!" Hairspray, possibly my favorite musical of this decade, is funky, fun, and hairtastic! It looks like Stardoll decided to take a page out of Hairspray's book and make some truly fabulously over-the-top hairDOs for your Medoll to enjoy!
Is it just me, or has Stardoll actually been getting freakin' awesome? The October Hot Buys redifine the word 'fierce', they are finally using their influence over the millions of girls/boys/trannies that log on everyday to inspire Breast Cancer Awareness, and they JUST released over 10 new hairstyles! Alright, so it doesn't quite measure up to the wonderfulness of the 'Pink for October' store, but it is wonderful to everyone who has been waiting for months for a weave!
The Short and Sweet
The Long and Loose
What's Your Favorite?


Undamyumbrellla said...

I love the new hairs! The one I'm wearing is my favorite. It's not that interesting, but it's totally cute! :)


Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

My favourite is the first one on the long hair section! I'm wearing that one!

Mik-Ma said...

I love the one i'm wearing. :D

Anonymous said...

wow this site has gone so low.. woww.. your actually blogging about this shit? god i thought this was a real STARDOLL gossip bog.. ew for real..

Juicy Magazine Website said...

i love the new hairstyles!! i love the short ones :) check out my blog, i love yours

Madeline Jo said...

I love them! The last time we got hairs we only got like 2. But here we get like 8! I know that everyone will soon be wearing them so I hope to just keep the old hairstyles. Like how I sported my new one though? (prob won't stay for long. I don't really like)

lovinitlovinit said...

I am wearing the sleek ponytail. LOVE them ALL! Think they'll all stay? Even after Halloween?

Undamyumbrellla said...

Wow! I just found another new hair! It's not with all of the other ones. If you go to the 'long' section of the hairstyles and keep going through them you'll see a big hair, from the Paris Hilton doll.


katherine XTC; said...

The first one to the left of the "long and loose".

-Diamondz- said...

Ooer, They're pretty.

There's also a new pair of lips inder 'smiling'.

They're actually really nice, they have the glossy look.

Sophia said...

Love 'em!
I love the side pony (The one I'm wearing)

Rini4e said...

I'm in love with that wild one with the red part in it. I know it's lame but I just love it!

ellie said...

I LOOVEE Hairspray! It is the best musical ever! :D I had the amazing opportunity of seeing it live and then getting a backstage tour :D + meeting the cast! ALL ON MY BIRTHDAY :D
The hairstyles are really cool =]

Rhiann said...

Loves them :)
I have the long swept-over-one-shoulder look.
I like the new lips too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hairspray = Love.

Dei* said...

1.) I love Hairspray (old and newer one)

2.) I am wearing the big poufy hair that Kasia mentioned =)

PerezStarGossip Sucks! said...

luv ur site!

soovintage said...

I love them!!
I like the one I'm wearing!

MissMel08 said...

I love the side one, and the sleek ponytail. Also, you missed one. Its in the Long Hair section, its the poofy 80's Prom one from Paris Hilton 3. You have to scroll over quite a ways to see it.

paris101fan said...

My fav would be the one your wearing, springate is wearing, the Paris Hilton Bob, and the slick side pony. Loves!