Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Because so many people have been hatin' on me recently, I've decided to go back to basics, file into my reserve of fashion, and pull a fashion review from my ass!
Balenciaga By Nicolas Ghesquiere (Fall-Winter 2008-2009)

Just when you though that the little black dress no longer held and had secrets, along comes Nicolas Ghesqiere. At Balencuaga, the designer has quite simply reinvinted it, meshing a fifties "film noir" touch with a resolutely modernist touch aproach. As witnessed by the rigorous line that fits like a glove. Few houses can boast such unity between their founded and the current designer. This season more so than ever before, Nicolas Ghesquiere successfully melds his own personal passions with the Balenciaga heritage. The young designer's taste for sci-fi and techo surfaces, like plastic, is ideal for Balenciaga's renowned sleekness. you could call it "latex couture", given the substance by shiny carapace-like dresses, slit skirts for sophisticated femininity, all in swathes - tight, geometric pants and small round shouldered jackets, cleverly draped taffeta and velvet tops and a hand painted latex.
A tour de force in every respect.


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Mik-Ma said...
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Mik-Ma said...

Thanks Anthony!
I was just bothering my brother by telling him how Kenley Collins from Project Runway Season 5 Copied The some more vintage peices of Balenciaga. & whe he deided to leave I took a look at your blog... :D

arna-rut said...

hmm, Haters or people that are annoyd of other posts might like this, but i personally liked the other way you blogged :P anyways this is okay to XD ;P

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Anonymous said...

This is very stupid postm I thought that you are interesting. Guess I was wrong. You have lost IT!

writemarycat said...

At least..NEW POST!

Anonymous said...

Anthony did not lose "it".
This blog is still better than Perez's.
But Anthony, remember to spell check before posting!

Anonymous said...

You call this an fashion-review?
Anthony you ladyboy.

lovinitlovinit said...

Lord have mercy.
Everyone stop blubbering and get a grip. You are all the same group of anonymouses that come back everyday just to shout some more pointless crap about how much you hate the post. If you dislike it so much then fine. Go create your own blog and post daily. I'd like to see how it goes.

And here's another tip. If this sucks so much to you, then why do you keep checking?

Anyway, very nice post.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anthony has totally lost his IT, the thing that made him special.

xxdrivebylove (Lindsay)

deleone sangels said...

This post is.. aggravating. I compare your work from the start, a little while ago, and now and see many changes; all of which I'm not sure I even like. Actually, I know I don't like them. I check this blog occasionally now, but I used to be a big fan. Seriously, you and Britney have lost your spunk. This blog's inching more and more down the shitter as the days drag on.
O, and does anyone know a good blog to read? Something actually worthwhile? I am serious cause I need a good fix.

Anonymous said...

This blog is turning into Daily Tabloid.

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Hazy_Cloud121 said...

amazing review! Your writing is fantastic if ur just a 12yr old lool...i feel ashamed hahah.

Haters: Two words: GET. LOST.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous!
I asked her and she said she didn't write that.

Iina said...

I loved the post.
The only thing that bothered me was the models in the pictures, they all look like they haven't eaten anything for years.