Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get your White Flags ready, B*tches! :D

Could there be a sign of a truce in the future? Here, under a post I wrote previously (like 5 minutes before this) Ellie and Mary agree! :D Yayyy! I hope this so called cat fight ends soon! I don't like it when my friends fight!
Some one should create team Ellie, and team Mary shirts! I'd buy them both, and wear them at the same time!


arna-rut said...

LOL! if they were made id totally wear both or make as a flag XD Like a crazy fan of them both LOL! O.o but i must say, i was abit shocked seeing them agree on something

Mary said...

Haha, Anthony, I am not sure we will be friends.
We have totally different looks on the world. She strives for clothes and I strive for friends.

YaelAlon (Michelle) said...

Anthony, i realy think im going to make these tees ;)

lovinitlovinit said...

I am not one to take sides (publicly, at least.)

YaelAlon (Michelle) said...

I made the Tees, and i also made "Drama No Drama" Tee.
I sell it for 6 Stardollars :D

Mikel. said...

Lol i am now seeing this its funny