Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stardoll's Moment of Retardedness.

Since I have ran out of super star I've been waiting for the perfect chance to buy a code so that I can get a beautiful gift dress. What I have experienced (to quote hair-spray) is a "you two better brace yourselves for a whole lotta ugly comin' at you from a neverending parade of stupid". I think I might start cutting! (just kidding, there won't be the "emo-anthony" phase) And ppuh-lease. Don't you know why maxi's were invented? They're just a cheap excuse for buying too much fabric! The maxi dresses that were done by Mary-Kate and Ashley for WAL-MART WERE BETTER! If stardoll really valued people becoming a supstar they would make a dresses that were at least a little bit more creative, and (this is the code word) CUTE! I mean, I'm all for slacking off and doing what is easiest at the moment, but if stardoll really, REALLY wants more people to become stardoll they'll give out designer gowns! I would buy 1000 stardollars for a few Versace dresses and a Marc Jacobs bag! Those are really what girls want. And you're probably wondering "what does ANTHONY know about what girls want?" I know that I'm can't read girl's minds like Mel Gibson from his really good movie What Women Want, but I hang around enough girls and shop enough to know that we want things that are feirce in it's self, but with a touch of personal style!! Hell, I'd even take some Comme De Garcons fall 2008 rather than some of the stuff they've been given out! If stardoll has done one good thing with these shiteous dresses, it has created the old Anthony, who will GIVE A RANT TO HIS LOVERS!

With bitchiness,
Your British Bitch!


Dei* said...

It's not ugly to me but it is stupid and boring for sure.
Who in the hell would spend there money on something THAT PLAIN?

Well I bet somebody would ,but not me.
*thinks over again*

Mary said...

hahaha, I totally agree!
What I should say, that there were2 gowns from Ellie Saab quite - same Gold and Read one's, so they were best one yet!
I want to have same Versace and Mark Jacobs (Have you saw his skirts? OMG!)

Britney said...

I was in the Star Bazaar yesterday, and all I saw was that dress - on sale for no less then $60. I mean for real, are you kdding me? No one in their right mind would spend that much money on such an ugly dress.

I agree with Mary, though!

arna-rut said...

Totally agree, That dress is UGLYY, to bad icollect those dresses, Cause many of them are just EW. XD But trust me, If there come out more dresses like that, EVERYONE will sell in baazar. Easy as

Anonymous said...

Boooring! talking about an ugly dress will not make your posts more intersting

Anonymous said...

"How would I know what girls want?"
BECAUSE YOU WERE ONE. That type of dress is what looks good on you.
Cheap, and manly.

lovinitlovinit said...

Now, Now...
We can't complain TOO much! Stardoll has been pretty good to us lately! (I think so, at least.)

However, I do agree. :)

Anonymous said...

Stop it, TRANNY!

springate said...

Ugh, stop sippin' haterade!

I know that it's one jealous person who's been leaving nasty comments!

Here's some news, I know that secretly, ur a jealous whore... and all of those comments are from ONE PERSON!

If you don't have the courage to show your face, then you're nothing more than a speck of dust littering this awesome blog!
(or style, b/c you hate me!! I got you fired, BITCH!)

springates shit said...

im filled with corn.


not-perfect111 said...

Dresses are ugly,right.But I have a bigger problem.Last week I sent 2 text messages to Stardoll and they didn't sent me a code!And I'm not superstar at the moment!I'm really mad because I gave my money and they didn't give me anything!