Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Philosophy, B!tch!

Yes. Stardoll now has the real life label... PHILOSOPHY DI ALBERTA FERRETI! Wooooo! The outfits from the current collection (available on stardoll) have graced the bodies of Lily Donaldson, Anne Hathaway, and Reese Witherspoon... but also MANY, MANY, MANY covers of magazines like Vogue to ones you have never heard of!

The only bad part is the price :P This will deffinetly end up like first edition DKNY. High price, high-demand! Besides, it's fucking fabulous! I'm willing to shell out 28 sds for the most realistic stardoll dress I have ever seen!
This is AMAZING! I'll have my fav outfits from the store out soon... until then, BUY IT BITCHES!
Get yours before they're gone,

P.S. YOU, heard it hear first! *hooray for Anthony being sick and logging on it bed!*


Fakeshake3 said...

I am SOOOOO happy its expensive. Its more unique and rare. With Vivienne Tam every other person was wearing the dress you were.

Mary said...

Here I should agree with snakey

arna-rut said...

lol,I dont like the shoe prizes, 12 for a shoe pair?! Eh?!.. Well anyways, those might come rare, i remember like with the 1st Season DKNY EVERYONE was like "AH ITS SO EXPENSIVE, IM NOT GOING TO BUY IT" - Month later "I PAY 100 STARDOLLARS FOR 1ST SEASON DKNY, AH I MUST HAVE IT" lol!

xxSjBbixx said...

OMG, love love love Alberta Ferreti! This is the best thing to happen to stardoll in a long time (:

Sophia said...

I have to agree with Ellie and Mary.
Also, The clothes are of such a decent brand, unlike DKNY. The quality meets up to the price.

lovinitlovinit said...

I am not in TOTAL deep love with the collection, I think some of it is kind of cheesey. But I do like some of it! A+ for effort, Stardoll! :)

roxorgirl13 said...

See, I for some reason, thing some of the clothes are weird looking. My plan is to buy everyhting (though I only like a couple dresses...) and just sell it later. I hate buying clothes I won't wear, so at least I will make money from this :P