Thursday, November 20, 2008


Although people think is is vain to throw your pics all over a blog, I think it's okay to give people a sneak peak as to what is behind your favorite blogs! Wooo!

The first is me, with my some ban's on! How vintagly beautiful:

The Second is BLake Lively on the cover of W! Well, my rendition! Hahahaha. The lighting is kinda bad, so don't go crazy girl... or I'll call seCCCCuurRRrrIIItttYYY! :D


Mary said...

Go funny Anthony!

arna-rut said...

ahh, EVERYONE is exposing themselfs xD I might just soon, even tho i got a picture of myself on my blogger account i got some great one's in my computer, i just use a random one, Okay maybe not, i use the best one haha! XD

lovinitliovinit said...

No fair! You have Wayfarers?
That is on the tippity-top of my X-mas List! (That besides a Pony...JKs!)

Nice picture! Drawing is my first love at the age of two...I should show you some of the stuff I sketch in my free time! :)

Fag_Puff Fan said...


Charlicious said...

You, Anthony, are just as adorable as your medoll is gorgeous.

And those RayBans grow fiercer every year they exist.

Anonymous said...

Are you gay?

Anonymous said...

You're like extremely hideous

Silvia said...

You look nice.Haha,I agree with arna-rut.Lately,I've seen many photos of Stardoll users.As for my picture,well it's in the display of my blogger account so I don't need to upload it on a blog.
-Haha,and I don't even have a blog!:D

Rhiann said...

I have those sunglasses in red.

Anonymous said...

Brave of you to put up a picture that doesn't cast you in a particularly good light. I hate it when people pose like that too, it lends a certain "Oh my god, I'm so sad, I have nothing better to do than screw up my face and take pictures of myself alone" to the person.

Anonymous said...

aww, your so cute anthony.

Anonymous said...

the last anonymous before me is probablly anthony cause no one thinks he is cute.:D
and the ray ban wayfarers are totally fake.

alicia_iz said...

you are so cute :D

Sophia said...

Cuuute =D
Them sunnys are the shit.

Lexie. said...

haha..i gotta admit,You are Cute!lol

Anonymous said...

How disgusting do u think u look?
Gay ass hole
Think ur so hot, eh?
I bet theyre fake Ray Bans
Sex confused WANNABE!