Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bisou: Hit AND Miss

Okay, so 'New Look' turned out to be a bust - but is anyone really angry? I mean, looking back, that pink dress was awfully shiteous. The question now, after a string of discount and frankly, tacky and cheap stores, can Stardoll redeem itself with it's latest addition of 'Bisou'?
The answer is yes... and no. While I'll admit that there are more then a few amazingly trendy and essential pieces that any girl on Stardoll should stock their virtual closets with (the line is - as of now - buyable for both Superstars and non), not everything is peachy keen. That is where 'Bisou' suceeds; the staff of Stardoll has created enough perfectly fashionable stand-outs for us to oogle while the other less fortunate pieces get pushed out of the lime light. Stand-outs of the line include 'Union Jack' print handbag, a few cute suspenders, and a lovely floral print skirt. The items are very Agyness Deyn, I'm sure Cam and Ellie will be pleased, and reflect a style that is extremely popular, so snaps for Stardoll. This comes right off the heels of The Acid Club reporting that Agy herself would be the next Real Celeb.
The Hits
Outside of those and a few other items, the line is just a sack of repeats. The 'DKNY' berets, the ones that people have been known to sell for $60, have been re-colored and untagged with the DKNY logo, while those Safari khaki high wasted shorts have been made into jeans. I get it Stardoll. It takes time to create virtual clothing, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we'd rather you take a few more days creating some quality items rather then pawn off the same sh*t in a different color.
The Misses
Hit or Miss? We say both, but what are you leaning towards?


lovinitlovinit said...

Agy D! Agy D! :D

Well, I am just STUNNED you didn't add the GOREGOUS brown jacket! Shame on you! Haha!

Anyway, I was really ticked off about the recolored DKNY berets. I searched days and days for mine (To complete my copied Elle's Grunge Look) and here it is smacked on my screen for $3. What a let-down. Ahh well. At least they slapped SOMETHING on my screen.

Britney said...

The Boyfriend fit jacket? I might not have featured it, but I bought it in a heartbeat! It's gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

You gay men are never happy.
For shame!
GLAAD must be embarassed!!!!

Zoe said...

Bisou (Ie the actual shop)
won't fucking load! Is thi happening to anyone else????????

Mary said...

I bought everything and I am hapy that we can buy everything!!!

anonymous,Anthony isn't a gay!

Anonymous said...

Britney, you are so wrong!
Get a grip, you know your blog is turning into D*T. Every item of them clothes, look fab.

Anonymous said...

I hate that there are so many repeats of old clothes. The shoes, the berets, the pants, it sucks. Plus the yellow striped sweater is nasstyness.

Ally said...

Eh, out of what you chose, I only like the British Chanel bag. lol. It is actually a bag. Other than that. Blah. I like the berets because now we don't have to pay as much for the LOOK. Not the label. :)

Go to.....


to see the bag. And go to the exhibition.

rute_xox said...

I like most of the clothes! What do you think of my doll's 'Agyness style' ?

Sophia said...

I love Aggy Deyn, And love Bisou!
I must agree, some of the items are shit.

Anonymous said...

(I adore springates' look with the new clothes!

Anonymous said...

the prices went up...grrrr

Anonymous said...

the prices went up...grrrr

Hazy_Cloud121 said...

Springate...u is luking drop. dread. gorguzzz in that boyfriend jacket ;)

Dei* said...

My fav thing though are the black ripped jeans XD

Anonymous said...

Everybody go the ACID CROWD, it's way better than this shit.

Anonymous said...


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