Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't Spell Me Nothin'

When you have uber observant people on stardoll like me, you can't hid mistakes. Especially at spelling. I noticed this particularly on Agyness Deyn's doll. On one of her trade-mark Henry Holland t-shirts, her name is spelled Dean. Agyness wouldn't be keen on their spelling of Deyn! I also noticed, that with her long hair she looks just like (one of the most shiteous and un-appealing actresses... especially in Spanglish when she won't stop crying and he nose is as red as blood) Tea Leoni! That is it's self is truly hilarious!

Something I did love about the doll was the great choices of short hair, and jewellry! The little head-bands are truly adorable, aswell as the "mod" sunglesses! My favorite thing, though, is the Betsy Johnson dress... one of Agyness's most well known outfits!

Something I'd also love to bring up about the new theme, is that the graphics in the little preview (in the magazine) are god aweful. They look like something I would do. Maybe worse. I'm soo much more amazed by Dodence_Bt's graphics... and that fact that yes. Boys do reign supreme of fashion on stardoll! (with the exception of ellie!)

Dapper Deyn Do's! (My fav outfits) :

I chose these lucky 3 bitches, because I thought that not only their medolls, but also their outfits reflected that of Aggy Deyn! My favorite, would probably be iiNA.L0VES.Y0Ux.

Angel-Stylin: I liked this outfit, because it was plain, and simplistic. It didn't scream OH MY GOD, AGYNESS DEYN CLOTHES, or woopty do-da Agyness Deyn is on stardoll. It read calm, simple, and under-stated ellegane... but with a TWIST. The chunky earrings made it perfect!

iiNa.L0VES.Y0Ux- I liked Iina's outfit the most, because it looked like something that any one could wear! Everything coordinates with the next! The shoes go perfect with the 2.55 bag, the bag goes perfect with the skirt, and the skirt goes perfect with the top, the top goes with the gloves, and the gloves go with the medoll (beautiful make up by the way). I loved that she layered the shoes, and the out of control hair!

clairtju01- I liked her outfit, because it was all around chic! Under the hat, she had the signature Agyness faux hawk with black and pink highlights. I also LOVED the sun-glasses, and DKNY bag! The perfect mixture of new, and old clothing!


Anonymous said...

ellie? that bitch?

lovinitlovinit said...

Yeah, I noticed that TOO! That so gets on my nerves. DEYN. Not DEAN. :P

Yay! The Mod shades are like,! LOVE! may slap me for this...but I actually like the Mary Kate and Ashly Ozzy Shades! :) Those and their weird headbands. Don't ask why--I just like that kind of stuff. Haha! And I agree, Iina rocked the boat! (As did they all!)

Olivia said...

I think Stardoll is trying to rhyme... In that case they are horrible poets.

o__O said...
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Undamyumbrellla said...

I noticed that too! I don't care though, I'm just happy to finally have Agyness. :P

Anonymous said...

Also, shouldn't it be like




maria_nl said...

They all look like shit.
springate, that lil fag.

Anthony is the un hottest mess of all stardoll. All he does is stash things together and it looks very unclassy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so although your WAAAYY more better than Perez you shouldn't be judging Stardoll, cause you have numerous spelling errors on all your posts.
And the outfits didn't really do anything for me except for undamyumbrellla's.

Dora said...

It is supposed to say Dean, though her surname isn't Dean.

Probably just for rhyming.

Anonymous said...

Britney, its meant to say that.
This blog is turning into D*T.
Britney and Anthony, revolting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you nothing about fashion.
Why don't you go fuck ur bf?

gofugyourself said...

Yew don't like spelling errors, eh?? o_O


1. Hid
2. Trade-Mark
3. Un-appealing
4. It's
5. Jewellry
6. Head-band
7. Aswell
8. Sunglesses
9. Betsy Johnson
10. Aweful
11. Under-stated
12. Ellegane.........................FAIL
13. Any one
14. sun-glasses

I also do not believe "woopty doo da" is proper English, but I will let that one slide for yew. -__-



Gofugyourself said...


dora-bitch said...

Idc anyway, the t-shirts are for superstars only :(

Anonymous said...

This site is turning into the new plague.

Bubbles said...

Bitches, it's SUPPOSED to say that.

Good thing to know that Brit's has the same IQ as her washed up slut idol- 12.

Anonymous said...

Britney didn't post this.

StyleWatch_ said...

I'm pretty sure everyone noticed that! I hope so, either way - I do believe that is how it is supposed to be. They are trying to make it rhyme...

Anonymous said...

I think that Iina's outfit was awful,no offence, but all the other's were 10 million times better.

Dora said...

Who the fuck is posting under 'dora-bitch'?!

dora-bitch said...

Me, you cardinal fucking idiot.

And effing Springtranny here needs to learn how to understand some fucking jokes.

SD is trying to be neat, fucking morons.

Charlicious said...

People are crazy.

Personally, Anthony, I think it's on purpose.

But maybe Stardoll is a jerk off and misspelled it like real fuck ups.

But yeah, the Deyn is the man.

Anonymous said...

Only undamyumbrellla's outfit is good.

Anonymous said...


Dei* said...

-_-'' *sigh*

(all those jackass posters give me a migrane)

Iina said...

Thank you darling! :]

Anonymous said...

I think it's so it rhymes but it's maybe harder to understand with different accents.


Anonymous said...

Hey Britney and Anthony!
I got one for you, Can't Write Nothin'!
Because that is what you two are doing, not writing anything.
This blog is starting to turn into Perez's. Boring.

o1-Deliciouz said...

congratulations iiina!
i'm happy for you :)