Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Readers,

I'm so thankful for all of the beloved readers here at! This blog, with out you wouldn't last with out your love, support, and constant visitation! You are our metaphorical Native Americans and you are our Pilgrims! Although we won't someday take away what was yours first and forget that you are people, we will always remember you. Kind of like how we are thankful to the Indians and God for getting us through the rough times! As I look back at the wonderful times we have had together I would love to say I love you. Although at times it doesn't seem that way... we do. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! When you say that I ruin this blog, I just forgive and forget. If it wasn't for the anonymous strangers, we wouldn't have the courage to go out on a limb and at times fall on our backs!

I, Anthony am thankful for God, my family and the many privileges that I have (that many don't). I am thankful for a place where I can let my hair down (even though I can't in real life) and kick back, with some people who are like family to me!

As I must go, I challenge you guys, the heart and soul of this fine blog to come up with what you are thankful for. It can be Anthony from fashion to football, gay to straight, heart to brain. On the glorious day of thanksgiving, we forget all of our differences and celebrate. Celebrate life, love, and faith; faith in who ever we choose to trust in.

A wise man once told me, all you can do is plant seeds and watch them grow. This seed has grown into a proud flower.

With love,


P.S. Don't forget to comment what you are thankful for! I know it will be good!


lovinitlovinit said...

Wow. That was really, really, really a great, sweet post. :)

I am thankful for...a lot. I have two loving parents, an amazing sister, and a wonderful family tree that branches out across the country. I am also thankful for all of my friends, on and off of Stardoll. Each and every one of them is different (just like snowflakes), but everyone is beautiful in their own way. They are like my family. I am grateful for my house, my food, my water, and all of the luxuries that many go without. It is difficult to think how many out there don't know what they'll eat tonight while I sit here, typing on a laptop on a comfy couch with my ipod in my ears. It makes me sad, really. So, this is the note I will conclude on. Be thankful. Do not dwell on the bad times, but prepare yourself for a great holiday season to come. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)

Olivia said...

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and of course, Stardoll! I've made so many new friends living across the world from Stardoll, it's just amazing! Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

fakeshake3 said...

im thankfull nobody found out i made up my own super fan

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

im thankful for my toolbox.
(my penis & testicles)
I love to use them on everybody, girls, guys, and even my dogs.
A little for everyone, want some?

A Fan... said...

at college I waited for him in the rain, my pulse racing, breath bated, anticipating when I would see him and among the crowd I saw his face, beautiful and joyous, my knees weaken and my heart skipped a beat, Dan (Fag_Puff) was so close, I saw the whites of his eyes, I breathed slowly as he walked past, taking in a breath of his cologne.

I watched as he and his friend walked out of the gates, lost in my own imagination I panicked, loosing sight of my man, I hurried along the path and within a few feet of him, I could hear his voice, gorgeous and tempting, I got so close I could hear his conversation, I wanted to speak, say hello, simply smile but alas I feared rejection, the thought of his ignoring me was too much, I waited back, watched his beautiful ass move as his jeans tightens, it was like I was alone, in a world without anyone but myself and the boy of my dreams. suddenly I snapped back as I stumbled, almost lost my footing, I looked up and he was lost in the crowd, frantically my eyes jumped around, searching, willing myself to see my love, I began to panic, would my plan be ruined? Suddenly I saw him, part ways with his friend, this was my chance, he was alone, and I felt it was time.

I walked briskly to catch up, my eyes barely moving from Dan's sweet ass, how I wanted to feel his skin against mine, to feel his hands slip across my skin, to feel me tremble with excitement at our closeness, I snapped out again, going pace I was within reach of him, again I could smell his cologne, beautiful, masculine. I worked up courage and called his name 'Dan', he did not reply, I gulped for air, my voice trembling with excitement 'Dan' again I cried, still no reply, I began to get inpatient, I needed his attention, his eyes to meet mine, I reached to touch his shoulder and as I did again, I lost my footing, stumbling to the ground with a thud, I may have been hurt, I have no idea my thoughts were with him, my admiration, my obsession, suddenly I saw his multi-colored sneakers turn, upon starting up I saw his puzzled face, his hair slightly covering his green eyes, I started at him and then the ground, hoping, no, willing it to swallow me whole, I had ruined my chance, was he laughing at the stupid girl falling at his feet? I again looked up, slowly admiring his legs adorned with charcoal skinny jeans, my favorites he wore, suddenly a hand waved in my face, his hand, I looked up and he was staring at me, his eyes slightly closed, 'are you okay?' he asked, unable to speak I lay on the floor, I wondered what to do, what to say. Slowly his hand reached into me, onto my back, I held my breath, even through my coat his touch was glorious, it felt unreal, 'dude, are you alright?' He asked again.

'I'm fine' I said tentative, not looking at the person I had wanted to talk to for so long, willed to smile at me and I had lost it, could not even think what to do, to say, suddenly instinctively my hand touched his, I felt myself jitter, butterflies inside myself, I got to my knees and he gently pulled me up, I glanced at him, he glanced back and smiled 'are you going to be alright?' he asked, actually sounding concerned, I felt my groin tighten, my vagina tense at his smile 'I'll be fine, sorry about that' I said, trying to explain myself, his eyes met mine again, my vagina again tensed and relaxed, he smiled 'It's alright. so long as you are ok' he said, I saw his hand touch his ear buds, as he pulled his hands upward, I panicked, our meeting was over, no! I needed to think quick as he began to turn, I yelped, moved my foot slightly and crouched over, he paused, looked at me again and furrowed his brow, he dropped his ear buds and moved into me, crouching down to my level he looked at my leg, I stared into the crown of his hair, sniffed in slightly, he smelt so wonderful. 'Do you want me to help you home?' he asked picking up my abandoned bag, his hand met my arm, we rose together, 'you'd do that...for me?' I asked, not shocked, just in awe. 'Sure, you can't walk home alone if you're hurt' he said, his voice quite deep, yet not aggressive, pleasant, sexy and inviting. 'Thanks, I think I twisted my ankle' I winced, I felt no pain but this could be it, this could have been my chance to have him know my name, know I existed, 'here lean on me' he said, linking his arm to mine, I could feel his softness, even beneath his checkered jacket, I could feel it, he walked forward, looking down at the floor I looked at him, unaware he started at my leg, I faked a limp, I watched his hair move with his head, imagined it's touch.

He looked up at me again, 'where do you live?' he asked, looking ahead, not at me, I replied loudly willing him to look at me, see me looking at him. he did not, he just walked, I could hear a rock sound blare from his ear buds, 'I love your hair' I said, wanting to strike up a conversation, he smiled and shifted his fingers through his fringe, tussled and beautifully he started at me for a second. 'thanks, I think I need a cut though, it's starting to look a little long', I paused, waited for his to strike up another line, 'I liked it when you had it with blonde streaks' I said, desperate to fore long our conversation, his eyebrows again furrowed, he looked at me for a second and let out a nervous laugh, he thought I was odd, I wanted him to like me, to want me as I wanted him, I had no idea what to say, he seemed unwilling to talk, but I must, I have to speak I willed, I walked on, my arm sometimes brushing his side, I could feel his body, strong, muscled, I felt uneasy, unhappy with our non communication, I stopped and pushed myself into him, pressing my lips onto his face, he seemed to push away but I wanted more, I wanted my risk to pay off, I pushed my hands onto his crotch, felt for his penis, he pushed away, pulled his head backwards, a look of shock on his face, I kept a grip on his shirt, again he pulled away, I could not let go, he must want me, I need for this moment, his voiced raised 'what the hell are you doing?' he demanded, pushing me away, I pressed my hand hard on his genitals, felt his lower body shuffle and pull away but I wanted this, this was who I wanted a connection with, I pushed my hand upwards and pushed his shirt away, he kept saying random words, all meaningless as I pushed my hand quickly into his pants, felt the base of his penis brush my fingers, I vigorously drew my hand up his treasure trail and down again, he had a small amount of pubic hair, not too much I though, I pushed my hand further down and felt his penis, rigid and cut, I cupped his cock, ran my hand down it twice but as I did so he pushed me away, ripping his button from his jeans, he backed away, I felt so stupid but I needed him, want had turned to need, I again pounced an him this time he fell into some bushes, lying on his back he held up his hands, trying to push me away but I had to touch him, feel his skin, I longed for this moment and if he liked it or not it had to happen, I picked up a rock and slammed it into his face, his hands obstructing me, trying to stop my hand meeting his body, I managed to hot his face, the rock hurt my hand and he seemed to calm down, his hands still pushing but with little power, a small cut was apparent on his head, I felt disgusted, I caused this but he needed to let me talk, to show him how much I needed him, lusted after him.

I pushed myself onto f Dan, he groaned slightly and again tried to hold me off but he was semiconscious, what had I done? I started to panic but took a breath, his cologne, his body between my legs, my vagina felt moist, I was extremely excited, I rubbed my legs, warming hi and exciting myself, is pushed Dan's head back, allowing his face to show, the cut was small, reddened, I felt badly but pushed my face onto his, grabbing at his shirt, I pushed my tongue into his mouth and moaned, the release of pleasure made me highly aroused, no matter the situation we needed to fuck, I needed his penis inside me, nothing else really made sense, I ripped open his shirt, exposing his chest, most impressive, I ran my fingers, the palm of hand across his torso, the abs bumpy, nipples simply perfect, I ducked down and pushed my mouth around his nipple, my tongue caressing his nipple, I rose and began kissing his neck his face, I quickly struggle to left him up, his body slightly limp, his moaning turning me one, making my vagina lips wet, tearing off his t-shirt and shirt was a struggle, his arms long and muscle, but I manage, passion is now huge, I feel excited, privileged to be atop such a god, 'fuck me' I say sharply, 'fuck me' I repeat as I sharply rub my vagina up and down his groin, I hitch my skirt up, twist my legs around and pull down my panties, they are warm, wet. I touch my pussy lips hard, pressing into my hole, I begin to finger myself, vigorously, I quickly feel a climax, cum squirts across his thighs, darkening his jeans, I quickly pick up Dan's hand and push in into my mouth, my saliva dripping from my mouth and smothering his fingers, I reach down to his grain and rub his cock and balls hard, kneading them and feeling his beautiful cock makes me moan out loud, grit my teeth and ride him, I pull down his jeans to his knees, his arms raising and touching his head, wincing but still semi conscious, I feel a rush, a need to hurry, I quickly pull down his boxer shorts, Calvin Klein, I stare at his cock, cut but big, 9 inches, possibly less. In awe I look up at his face, eyes closed, unaware, it's like a secret I kept telling myself, just a secret.

I rub his cock, working it up and down, willing his erection, wanting to see something I had often fantasized about seeing, masturbated over. Nothing, I begin to feel uneasy, why was he not getting an erection? Was it me? Did he hate me, despise my desire? I feel enraged, useless, pounding on his chest for a reaction he splutters and pushes himself up, unbalancing me, I topple off and fall into the autumn leaves, Dan moves around, rubbing his hair, I simply stand up and watch as he struggles to move, to pull up his boxer shorts, his lightly tanned and dirty ass entices me, he quickly pushes up his jeans and looks around dazed, staring at me, I feel guilt, shame but still I am aroused, I still wanted him.

Dan picked himself up, grabbing his white t shirt and pushing it on, ripping it more so, he finally looks at me, blood stained his hair and face, 'you're fucking crazy' he says breathing heavy, 'what did you do?' he screamed, tears in his eyes, but he wanted this. We must have I decided, he wanted me; he helped me, why would he turn on me now? I suddenly see him stand up and he races away, I realize his intentions, I had fucked it up, my passion had made me crazy, his kindness had made me feel euphoric, unrelenting, I'd gone too far, but how would I explain, I quickly run after him, catching up with ease I tackle him, knocking him to the ground, I push myself atop him and hit his face, he tries to push me off, I dig my knees into the soft ground and he pushes me off, falling pack wards I grab at leaves, litter is spread on the ground, glass had scratched my skin, blood, red blood all over my arm, I look down and see Dan staring at me, backing away, slowly but picking up speed, I roll over and pull him forward, 'I don't want you' he cries, 'please' he bags as I dig my nails into his neck, lust had made me angry, but now I had been rejected, rejected by the one person I needed acceptance from, I feel the ground, a broken bottle, sharp edges, maybe I should show him my pain, grabbing the glass as I release my grip I swing the make-shift weapon, upwards, wanting Dan to feel my pain, I feel the sharpness bludgeon, I stare as the glass deepens into the side if his head, blood pours from the wound, his eyes look wide, painfully pretty, his breath jagged, sharp, I push the glass further in, wriggling my hand, willing it to deepen, for him to realize my pain, his face is now white, ghost like and his last breath is nigh, if I can't have you Fag_Puff, nobody can.

SAMM-AY said...

OK, freaks, why don't you go spam somewhere else? Can you say freaky! Oh, A FAN, get a life, because Dan has a girlfriend probably & I know she's not as MENTALLY RETARDED AS YOU ARE!

Sorry Anthony, had to get that out.

Anyways, I'm thankful for Perez Hilton, you, family, etc. I have a lot to say, but I can't type that well. :)


Anonymous said...

that fag puff story is the creepiest thing i ever seen, If i was Dan I would be so scared.

Mary said...

Who is writing stupid posts is out of his mind. Just stop it, perphaps on Thangsgiving Day!

So, I have 2 Thankies I want to share with everyone.

1st is my Real Life one.
I don't know why I am telling this now, to you all, you even might think that I am crazy,but...
I have a flu. I used to have a very hight temperature this night (39.2 C - 3 degrees more and I could die :S) So, mom told me that she will give me antibiotic in 15 minutes. During my wait I began to...Pray to God. I am an Ortodox and I believe in God, really. I stopped. Then, I thought that...I shall talk to God Himself...and began to. In my mind. I was thanking for everything he gave me. My Family - the best I could have, we love each other very much. My talents, my friends..everything I have. I appologized for my mistakes, for my bad thoughts sometimes. I so truly believed I talk to God, that I just felt (In my imagination or.. really?) that he got in me. I became to feel good.

In 5 minutes mom came. We checked my temperature again. 37.0. Mom didn't believed her eyes. for 15 minutes without any medicine I have lost my temperature. She left me antibiotic near my bed and went sleeping. I haven't told her about my talk to God.

So, I must be thankful..for Faith God gave me. Because when you won't believe - nothing won't happen. For everything.. :)


Now, my Stardoll part:

Anthony! Thanks for this brilliant post! You bringed so much warm feelings, and it is very...moving,something! :D

I am thanking all my Best Friends here, without you I wouldn't be nothing! My Special Thanks comes to Gina, Angi, Lorie and Heidi. Love you guys, for your mega help!!
Thanks for loving Eternity - it is a huge support! Thanks for hating Eternity - you make us stronger. And thanks for everyone, who doesn't cares - we need you for "Bulking"! :D

And Thanks for reading! Happy Thangsgiving, eveyone!

xoxo, Mary

XxXMissyashXxX said...

Awh :']]]] Sweet.
I'm thankful that my little niece is aliv and well and same with my brother who almost died 2years ago. And especially my other brother, we sometimes fight but he helps me a lot. Im really thankful my for my parents also. Especally my friends on stardoll and off stardoll. Luv you :]]]Happy Thanksgiving!!!! xx

arna-rut said...

what is thanksgiving? =[

Mary said...

Arna, it is a holiday, American people celebrate it. They eat Turkey and thanking everyone :)Something like that!

Anonymous said...

Really sweet [[it didn't even have any cussing!!]]!

I am thankful for God, my family, and my friends, those who are on the internet and off, and that my family can afford running water, electricity, and Coach purses [[those ARE important!!!!]]. And, of course my dogs!

BTW, someone was writing porn down as a comment, and a freaky fan was spamming. Just to let you guys know.


Sophia said...

Why does A fan have to spoil such a brill post?
Thats just Retarded, Wrong, Weird, and pretty Darn Scary.
Anyway, My thank-you would be too long to post here =D

Dei* said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I am thankful that I am alive and surrounded by lots of friends to live my life with =)

(about the 'A Fan' comment)
Okay...I have to admit ,whoever they are they can write a story lol
Even though it was too...SEXUAL for my tastes =/ I did not need to read about vagina and dicks today
And if I was Dan I would be scared right now since this girl would rape him if she didn't get him O.O

Anonymous said...

a fan is nasty.

fakeshakelover said...

Anonymous said...

It's Thanksgiving, fakeshakelover. At least try to be nice and generous.

xxSjBbixx said...

Thanksgiving sounds so fun, I wish we had it in the UK (:

For any British people out there who were watching The X Factor tonight, Britney was amazing! Very obviously miming, but amazing anyway :P