Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm back B*TCHES!

In spite of my recent conundrum, I'm back in black (literally, check out my doll!)! This time I'm gonna do this good, so good that no one will be able to read for three days! :D Haha, but really. Anthony is back with better stories, better reviews, and soon to come PICTURES. Apparently ...DandG... has dissapeared up her own ass, and will not be back to return! THANK YOU for all of the reports and shittttt!!!!

And of course since it's winter break, I would love to start a snowball fight (in the comments). I would love to start by throwing the first snowball at *drummmm rollll pleeaassseeeee!!!!!!*

*HOTSTUFF! Throws it at her balls!*

Yay, I proved that that bitch is a dude! *Finds some crack, a razor blade, more crack, some fake tanner, a gift card to a tanning bed (to: HOtstuff; from:HOtstuff), a shank (so she can be protect herself from the evil halluciginary tan-monsters), artificial tanner, and some hormone shots in her purse* Lovely.

Ouch, man!

(in the mean time while I'm conjuring up the world's bestiest posts, go to! That site is amazinnn'!)

Dear Santa Claus,

I've been really good this year except for the whole Blaire thing, the curses, the lying, the cheating, the bitchiness, cursing again, making fun of style (if you would give it a try, I promise you would LOVE IT), acting slutty, betraying friends, saying "God", making sexy time, making fun of little kids, copying like 25 answers off of Katilen's paper during my final in math class, being a crack whore, drinking that vodka, killing a hooker, stealing all of style's glory, being so rude to style that she became a cutter with awful clothes, saying all this stuff just now about style, all of the things Dan and I said about people, being friends (IDK WHY) with that bitch or should I say boytch LilMRbitch, cursing some more, looking at porn that one time with Nic, making fun of my teacher's lard ass, telling every one that Courtney (from my school) has aids, and last but not least going crazy on like 1,000,450,354, 234,069,2o5,396,039 bitches. What I will do in reaturn for no coal, is not be a bitch to the new writer! I promise I'll stop being such a slut, and only lie when I'm in trouble.


Anthony :)


arna-rut said...

LOL man love that post :'] Your back with a BANG :]

Hmm, i think hotstuff isnt a guy, Well maybe a transsexual, Not sure, but HE/SHE is a SLUTTTT :)

arna-rut said...

And i think santa will forgive you, Iceland has 13 santa's and from the 11th we get little gifts everynight and im usually like CRAZY as shit here and still i keep getting stuff, Okayokay i got a potatoe ONCE! but i just ate it HAHA :P

Anonymous said...


arna-rut said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is lame is that you dont even give your stardoll username out HAHA

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

Your letter to santa freaking cracked me up.. it was like.. my life... exactly all the bad things i've done.. but the names were different.. except Styles.. which I dissed publicly in a party and in a magazines interview.

M!KA - Mik-Ma

Ps: SEXY TIMMMMEEE im watching Borat right now.. but sometimes he goes to far. I mean I like him but he's a little rasict sometimes. He's obviously not the one that makes the scripts, and I wouldn't know who does.. but the shouldn't make fun of everyone.. D,:

Mary said...

AHAHAAAAAAAAAA, so nice boy Tranny!
Santa won't forget about cha!

maddie_love56 said...

ahahahaha you are hilarious anthony. dont let the haters get you down:)

Anonymous said...

awesome post
glad to have you back

Anonymous said...

You obnoxious road whore, stay off of this blog FOREVER. Nobody is glad for your return with the exception being the stuck-up elites who left multiple comments on this post, such as Arna the transexual he/she and M!KA the freaking bitch that everybody hates.
Get a life, you stupid and ANTI-FUNNY whore.
p.s; When I said ANTI-FUNNY I meant it. You must think that by adding millions of sentences to an article, it will suck less.

Gosia said...

Santa is a racist. He won't give me presents just because I am jewish ~n~

Rhiann said...

Anthony, this post sums up why we love you. :D

*Throws a snowball at the Anon above Gosia*
Its christmas, you whore. Cheer up!If you dont like Anthony, dont read the blog. Its not that hard.

YaelAlon said...

Anthony, who need Santa? I will buy you something :D
I have no problems with sluts, and Santa always looks like an old pedophile to me -_-
Awsome post, i think i will take the Santa list you made and make it to be my "things to do" list for the new year! Hahahahahaha XD

Miannequin said...

Hahah, THAT WAS FUN! woop..

Anonymous said...

you sicko!
looking at porn?

Silvia said...

Hahaha,I bet Santa's gonna get crazy when he reads that letter.It's such a f*****(BEEP)awesome letter.Haha:P.I can't stop laughing...and I can't help it!<3

Anonymous said...

I don't want you back.
I'm glad the stuff that happned to you.
Words can't describe the freak you are.
Are you Michael Jackson's alter ego?

arna-rut said...

DUDES, Those who are hating on anthony, you were all crying for some good posts where he'd be the same person he was, you just got one and your still crying? Geeze, I advice you to just fuck off?

Dei* said...

Lub the letter ^-~
My lovar is back =) Feliz Navidad!

Love, Dei*

p.s. I don't get why if they hate Anthony so much, why do they keep crawling back, reading all the articles, and always comment anonymously, I will say one good thing about HotStuff, at least she had the balls to publicly diss Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Dei* you are wrong. As her username on SD wasn't HotStuff.
Anthony is a mess.

Scribonia326 said...

Haha, Gosia. I'm in the same situation XD

Fed Up..FOR REAL! said...

you and Brit ALWAYS say that you're back, and ready to post soo soon but it never happens.
This blog that i used to love has turned into one with posts that only explain and contain apologies for lack of posting...

Lexie. said...

Glad your back!
Haha shit..that santa letters fxckin hilarious.

Ally said...

LUV your Santa letter! :D

Glad your back. :)

lovinitlovinit said...

*Still laughing, though I read it 3 and a half hours ago*

Dare I ask, what do you want for Christmas, Anthony?

springate said...

DUH, my two front teeth. No, actually I want some Prada loafers a new flat-iron (It has to be less than 1/2 inch wide so I can use it without burning my short hair), circus (which I opened early 4 days ago), I subscription to VOGUE Italia, a pair of new abercrombie (my fav kind, but I hate the brand) sweats, The Stephen Sprouse Book, The Factory: Death of Danny Williams on DVD, a new guitar (which HAS to be blue), and a new pair of dunks! :)

Shimmeryourlove said...

Okay - Since your letter to Santa was incredably horrible.. Then I guess it's time for me to start laughing - At you.
Anthony, why? Why do you have to be such a rotten, nasty, stupid ass, gay, mean person? Ofcourse I AM MEAN, but you, you could do it with a little bit more class. So now that we know your a 13 or 14 year old porn seeker and cusser, we can all pretty much say that your a sicko. Am I right? For all we know you could be 40. I bet you are too.. A homeless man that does his daily blogging at the library computers until he is kicked out for being, well, a sicko. Poor Anthony - If only you had a life. Which reminds me, Did Arna get her life together yet, or is she still preying on "Young" Anthony? Let's find out..


lovinitlovinit said...

Hahaha! Let's see...

I want the Valentino purse I saw in Atlanta, A pair of brand new tall uggs, black ray ban wayfarers, Circus on CD (my mom said she'd buy it for me!), a Louis Vuitton trunk, some Galliano 9 inchers, a leather jacket from Express, a prada clutch, a Mombasa bag of my own, etc.

I'll get none of it, LOL! :D

cafesocietymagazine said...


We are looking for some people to help us out in starting a future magazine.
If you are interested in becoming a graphic editor, writer, model + more, please visit
Thank-you! <3

And LOL at your letter to Santa. (:

Anonymous said...

You are so fake it makes me sick, your last post was about how you should be left alobeby people and how they hurt you and now you are trying to cause an argument with HotStuff. I hope she comes back and owns you, your so pathetic it's hard to put into words how hypocritical and repulsive you are.

HotStuff said...

Hon, If you want to fuck with me then maybe you should aquire some balls, You are pissy because you lack a vagina, you are a closeted fag and you envy me, because I have a vagina and everything that goes with, I actually respected your wishes to be 'left alone' last time you cried because people were honest about how contrived you had become but now, it's on - I actually pitty you because you have to put on an act, a front - simply to be accepted, the same people who come here and parise you are actually laughing at you rather than with you, their laughs are at your expense rather then your wit, you are a joke and always have been, at first because you acted like a foolish girl, then because you told everyone you were a boy and now people are laughing at your fumndamentally worthless posts, have you ever contributed any gossip, gotten any unbiased praise, no. Because you are a worthless co-pilot, soon you will be worthless to this blog furthermore, LaPrimaDonna is a better bitch than you, what will you really add? you are a joke, a pun...a lowly jester, people laugh at you, make fun of the scrawny little faggot making a fool of himself, you poor, poor kid. It must suck to be so confused, maybe you would feel better if you finally came from your closet and told people what they already suspect, you are a faggot, a lonely little gay kid who needs acceptance.

Everyone who disses me can do so, I could not care less, you attack how I look because you think it offends me but I'm unmoved, I am at least happy with how I look, which is more than most, like that fat cunt arna-rut, the fat ass serial dieter, the only diet she manages is the SEEFOOD diet, it's not puppy fat on your face, it's pure fat from you eating too much, diet or die of heart faliour chubbo.

Shimmeryourlove said...

I'm with HotStuff on this one. All you mother fuckers are here to worship this little "Boy" who proceeds to nothing to have a vagina. Now tell me, what is Anthony Famous For? Being a total Faggot? Or making all his posts on this blog about his Petty Little Problems? Which One?
I think it's kind of funny how arna-rut keeps commenting on HotStuff when reality is, she a transsexual.
And here's a little questions for Arna. I know you like talking about Hotstuff in a Blunt or hurtful way... But either way, your still talking about her? So the point to that little statement right there is that, your obsessed with HotStuff. Am I right? I mean no human being in their right mind one just go on and on about someone's sexuality unless they were obsessed with them.
So Arna-Slut next time you post your little opinions, think wisely, because All are eyes are you, bitch.

springate said...

OOOH, Hotstuff, I <3 your comment! It brightened up my day!

I've realized that I should fuck the haterz (not literally!).

All I know is that you need a new pic, and if I wanted your vagina... crabs would come free with purchase :)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. your back.
over 3 days with out a new post.