Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Eternity!

I must say, the spoiler for the next issue of eternity is absolutely gorgeous! The theme, sparkles goes perfectly with some of the new releases on stardoll, and the graphics are great! I like to think of eternity as STYLE magazine with all of the fashion, but a little bit of flavor! OH, and that was meant to you, style. Sorry Santa, I guess I'll get coal for breaking my christmas promise!

The pages read:

Shiny, Glittered, Magnificent... Just a bright fantasy your virtual doll can live in... The next Eternity issue. Better, than ever.

Hello! As I promiced as suprise I leaved on this site a spoiler of the next issue. Same ETERNITY, but twice better. Excited, much? I guess so! Me and the team are planning to publish the next issue somewhere in the beginning of January, what is really very soon! As you can see, we've planned a theme really hard to make the most unique magazine issue on stardoll.
We love you!

-Mary (writemarycat)

I am VERY excited to read the next issue! It seems that stardoll magazines have gone out of style and don't matter that much any more. This will.


Mary said...

They only can be posted on a site, lovie! :D
Cause that is a present, people need to seach for!!!!! :D

Dei* said...

Then they should have been faster, Mary =P

I can't wait for it either!!!!!

Love, Dei*

springate said...

Oooh, I'm sorry Mary!

arna-rut said...

I love the theme ^^,

lovinitlovinit said...

Excited!! :D
This'll be big...I can sense it!
*My Eternity-Senses are tingling!*

Ally said...

Better than Style in my book!

Sophia said...

Sooooo much better than style!

Anonymous said...

Mary is a dog.
Anthony is no better, either.

roxorgirl13 said...

I can't wait!

Woops! This should probably be taken down...

Lexie. said...

Cant wait for it!
No use taking the pics down now..Almost everyone saw them.

arna-rut said...

Anonymous said...

Mary is a dog.
Anthony is no better, either.
Mary´s a sweetheart and anthony is AWSOMEE.

And your a... whats the word im looking for... freak? idiot? Weirdo? Im not sure... (Y)

Hunnigall said...

Could I be any more excited? This is the most anticipated issue yet! Mary's teasing us with the fab spoiler (I'm so pleased with how our gown turned out) and everyone's completely excited about the sparkles - My personal favorite (I'm sure!)

- Hunni x x x

Anonymous said...

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Miannequin said...