Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Gift that Keeps On Giving

As if getting that wonderous (horrid) monthly gift (sent from hell) wasn't already embarassing or awkward, enough, now it seems Stardoll needs to make a fun and exciting new club about it! Yay!

In another attempt by Stardoll to sell their fashion souls to the world of advertising and promoting, they have decided to appropiately (and by that I mean, why not advertise tampons to a bunch of preteen girls who will most likely be getting a visit from Mother Nature anyday now) promote TAMPAX Pearl. I must say, even as Stardoll continues to become more and more "corperate" and less down-to-earth, user friendly (fun and exciting), it's really sad to watch them slowly destroy the things I once loved about Stardoll.

Oh well, at least there is free stuff...

Which, ironically, is all white. Hmmm.



Dressing9900 said...

I got my butt out of that club that IS SICK!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I wouldn't be caught dead in white with my period. Stupid motha f***ers!

Maddie said...

we hit the marks (the first 2 i think...) and i didnt get anything?

Anonymous said...

hi i found a websight that copied ur article!!!
its lyk exactly the same right?!