Friday, August 22, 2008

I'll Miss You P-Rez.

What have we not done together? We've partied, fought, laughed, cried, and seriously gotten to know each other. So, this comes from the heart. I will miss you, so much. If you're reading this right now... I want to thank you, for posting my review and getting me a job at this splendid magazine.

My fondest memory of you, may not be what some people expect. When you posted that I'm a boy, you turned my life upside down! If it wasn't for that I'd still be the 18 year old slut, whoring herself through you parties acting awful. I still make act a bit immature, but you can understand. That is something, I will always love you for. (like a sister! C:)
Through the good times and bad, I always liked you. Your charisma, daring style, and ability to make me laugh. That's all you need in this world (besides love!). You have a truly beautiful soul (and from the looks of your profile pic, outside too! :P) You've always put up with my indecent idiocracy, and helped me through it. You've truly figured me out, in more ways than one.
I want you to know, that I knew this moment would come... some time, so I've created a collage (It's in my sketchbook, I'll put it up later!) of you and Stardoll. So, go to college with the same great mentality you came to Stardoll with and be sure to study your rhetoric! :)
Love Always,
P.S. I'll REALLY miss you. I got sad, when I saw you leaving. But, I understand. You'll always be held close to my heart, and as the best damn blogger to ever hit Stardoll! :) Keep on truckin'


lovinitlovinit said...

Aw! That is so sweet!!

Maddie said...


everyone is getting so emotional!
its so.... beautiful!!

C said...

So emotional! I'm telling U guys ur making me cry form these post!

Anonymous said...

AWW, so sweet.
to bad perez never liked you springy. she always talked shit about you and thought you were an annoying fag.

morgan said...

everytime springate writes a post about perez you post the same bullshit comment about how perez doesn't like him, it's obvious that YOU'RE the one who doesn't like him and are trying to make him feel bad. where's your proof that perez ever said anything about anthony behind his back? anyone who reads perez's blog knows that anything she has to say she posts for the world to see on her website, that's the person she is. she has never left anything off her blog for fear of hurting anyone's feelings because she doesn't care and she speaks her mind, especially about springate. when she hated him everyone knew it, she wrote about it truthfully. now they have made up and have been friends for months. so fuck off you anonymous coward.

Jemmaaaa said...

Its like the bible without the new testement.(The old being and the new being PSG). Dont worry, Im not all religious.
I shall miss the dear gossip goddess.

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

Perez CHANGED Stardoll.
That's not an assumption;
but a FACT. Have you realized
how drama died down after her
blog got started? Remember the
days there was an elite war every
day? When the spotlights were on BeverlyHillHei & other elites.

Anonymous said...

because i hate perez and i am trying to get back at her by telling me all the things she has said about the people who called her a friend.