Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashion Fixation.

Okay, so there's a buzz going around about the new Hot Buys. High fashion-yes, mediocre- double yes.
- -
This is why. Don't get me wrong they are cute as can be (what bitch couldn't agree?) and of course designer but they lack in creativity. Big woop, staple shoes from Chloe, statement necklace from Burberry Prorsum, and fierce jacket from YSL. So, how is this mediocre? The designers at Stardoll didn't try. You people can say "Anthony, you're pushing the limit, they're completely and totally "ABFAB" I respectfully disagree. All I'm asking for is creativity. Choose something completely out of the ordinary like a Philip Tracey hat from Marc Jacobs and one of the slouchy velvet dresses. As I said, Marc Jacobs is calm glamour, with out a huge concept that every one is supposed to shove down their throat and shit out better than before. All I'm saying is it's the same designs with different aesthetics.
So, go ahead people mock me for this but there's no way that Stardoll tried. No way in hell.


lovinitlovinit said...

Well I see you're point, but I mean you have to keep in mind that their graphics skills can only take them SO far! And OMG I'd love to have one of the new Marc Jacobs loose dresses! The Ad is amazing, too. LOVE the gold fairydust. I liked the Gucci deal, too! Lanvin was cool. but it's always the same.

UndamyUmbrellla said...

I agree, if i worked for stardoll my hotbuys would be much better than this, but compared to last month's (horrible) hotbuys, i think that this is a huge step up.

crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

I so wish Stardoll would get Marc Jacobs clothing! I so agree with you on that. And I get what your saying when you said Stardoll is just using the same designers..


aero_flo_grl said...

I agree with this post; The HotBuys are much better, but they still aren't great [They could've made the Dries Van Noten-esque dress sooooo much better.]. Eh, I think I'm the only person in the world who wouldn't be thrilled to have Marc Jacobs though. I'm just not a big fan. But imagine if they got Rodarte! That would be amazing. Some Christian Dior 08 would be amazing too. Seriously, I'd drool if they put out that.


Sarah said...

Sorry, but I thought the jacket was Proenza Schouler..