Sunday, August 17, 2008

Style Stars of the Week

Style Stars
A week after the faithful (and somewhat frustrated) readers of this very blog challenged me to go on a Stardoll-wide manhunt for creative, colorful, and chic ensembles created by NON-Elites, I searched far and wide. The task at hand was by no means easy; most of your suggestions led me to stylish users who played it safe. While I was greatly impressed by some, it just wasn't the look that was perfect for Style Star. After working a bit harder, I found three very unique outfits without even trying to!
Amazing suite? Check. Awe-inspiring Star Designs? Check. Original and extraordinary style? Check. Nephthy's is, by all means, one of the most amazingly talented girls on Stardoll. She is a true stylista who can take ordinary items and transform them into something incredible. In this, as she described it herself, "Bumble Bee" couture gown, she shines and displays the qualities that make her a Style Star in my book.
There's something about Mary. Yes, that was an incredibly lame movie title joke that kind of works here. WriteMaryCat has style and proves it every day in her off-beat and funky threads. Her look is a mixture of Artsy-folk and Back-to-School chic. Every detail translates flawlessly; from her fitted plaid skinny-jeans, to her folk fedora, this outfit screams style perfection.
The first gossip story this blog ever wrote (1 month ago - we're practically blog-virgins) involved this dazzling diva. Sure, a lot has changed in that short time, but her sense of style has not. It is featured prominently in every piece of fabulousity this creative chica dons throughout the week. In this particular ensemble, Puccapo (Olivia) cleverly balances the simplicity of a simple white mini dress, with the stunning detail that the accessories (including a few layers of belts and a pair of Greek sandals, a MUST have) to create the perfect outfit for a breezy summer night in Greece.
I Love My... Lovelace Headband
Who knew that someone who has been dead for over 150 years would inspire such a fabulous trend? Yes, I'm talking about none other than Stardoll's latest and greatest personal Role Model, Lady Lovelace. Her gala gowns are downright ferosh, and her hair accessories are to die for. That is why Lady Lovelace's silk headbands are all the rage in our virtual world.
Seen above: AudreyHep4 and ChanelNo.5 (Sophia) both opt to decorate themselves with the light, pale grey hair Tye, while TayTay14202 (Taylor) chose the beautiful Scarlett shade.I must say, out of the hundreds of amazing girls that I witnessed in the headbands, these three lovely ladies exemplified how to wear it properly and fiercely.
Super Rhiannon!
"It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Super Rhiannon!"
I must admit, Rhiannon's outfit is kickass, tranny-fierceness, amah-zingly refreshing. This smouldering temptress look was created for the Fantasy Bash at The Sweet Escape, but went sadly unnoticed due to the cancellation of the party. So, as I slowly put together this weeks Style Stars, I knew for certain that this funky Super-Superhero outfit would have to be given proper recognition. So, keep on rescuing kitten's from trees, and fighting fashion crimes forever more Lady Rhiannon !


Puccapo said...

w00t, second time on style stars of the week! Thank you so much! :D

Superstar*a24 said...

They all look Fierce. lol
Anyway one of my close stardoll friends ( oh_yeh_*) in my opinion has a wonderful style, and she's not elite.

The Star Dose said...

Rihannon always rocks out her outfits, love it!!

Everyone looks fantastics this week!

Maddie said...

i nominate...

i love alie687's style!
and yours britney!


Anonymous said...

these are a bunch of nobodies no one cares about.

Britney said...

First you complain about too many "Elites" now you complain about nobodies?


sparklystef said...

wow. You sure do pick good outfits!

P.S you look stunning Britney!

Anonymous said...

I nominate:


I think they have a good overall style and are all pretty. :)

lovinitlovinit (Cam) said...

Yay! They ARE pretty! :)

Renee said...

I nominate MiSS-SOPHiA.
Shes so cool and has her own blog that shes working on, Vortex (
She has her own individual style and mixes other peoples together.
Some outfits UI am not pleased with but wost of the time they are brill!
Also, she takes no Shite!

Love Ree Ree

laura said...

they look hot lol.
i nominate

they are both my fav style setters on stardoll!

Hunnigall said...

Hmmm... They're all Absoflippinloutely FAB! Rhiann looks AH-MA-ZING, I saw the outfit before... Maybe she should be 'The Super Styler?' (Yes, yes, I have bad jokes and I'm even worse at making up SuperHero names... I should be the SuperWeirdo!)I have to say... Where's Mik-Ma?!?!?! No, she's got excellent taste, I reccomend you check her out

- Hunni x x x

Iina said...

Finally you chose the right people!
No, seriously these three look AMAZING :]

Anonymous said...

i nomonate Prettyinpink351 Lol or candydreamer .. wait what are we nomonating again

elleo said...

I`m nominating Godlygirl10 again because I`m not going to leave you alone until you feature her. ;)

KIIIIIDDING. But eventually you`ll find a Style Star worthy outfit on her, I promise.