Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adios, Mi Amiga Perezita!

"Living Legend, You Can Look But Don't Touch..."
I'm sure that the last thing on earth that Perez, Queen of the Stardoll Blogosphere, would want for me to be doing is quoting Britney Spears as I write this ode to her. Try as I might, she never gave into my constant Britney Spears love. That all seems so unimportant as Stardoll prepares to go into mourning for one of the most amazingly talented, creative, and wonderful members the sight has ever seen. No, she has not died, or committed Stardoll suicide, but she has run her virtual life down and will soon be embarking on her own journey into the real world. That's right, the girl is going to college.
Looking back, it is becoming more and more obvious that Stardoll will never be the same without her. She is a bright and colorful writer who always managed to put a smile on my face as I read her commentary on such gossip stories as CRAZY (Runway.Fashion) and Teale and Fakeshake3's battles during those dark days of the Stardoll loophole. Perez was more then just a writer to me. She was a true friend who helped me through countless drama and even helped me and inspired me to create the blog you are reading.
While she changed my path on Stardoll, she made an even bigger impact on our virtual world then she would ever guess. Her one woman army of wit, cleverness, and amazing Paint skills (it is much harder to write the word "Bitch" on a photo then you think!) single handily brought down the Monarchy that once ruled over Stardoll known as "The Elites" and inspired users to express their originality and create their own personal style. Her no-fear posts intimidated Stardoll's Elites and drama queens to the point where there is not one user who doesn't fear having their dirty laundry hung all over her blog. The past months have been so drama free due to one person and one person alone, Perez.
Whether or not she realizes Stardoll will forever be a different place then it was when she started out because of her undeniable charm and lovability. Perez, words cannot begin to describe the things I feel for you. You are one of the most memorable, creative, and just all-around amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting - virtually that is.
Thank you for the memories, the laughs, the sarcasm, the parties, the debates, and the friendship you have given me.


Maddie said...

perez is awesome, right?
but wont she at least still be signing on every once in a while?


lovinitlovinit said...

It is really sad. Stardoll will be loosing one of the best members ever. Perezstargossip IS apart of stardoll! Without it, Stardoll really isn't a place I want to hang out at. This day will mark the end of all Stardoll fun and the day we all lost Perez.

Today is a dim day.

jenminne said...

Perez kicks ass, like ill miss her like hell.
And hopefully she will be on alot.

jenminne said...

*hopefully she would be on often


Audreyhep4 said...


I think Stardoll should give you an award.

We'll miss you!

writemarycat said...

Stardoll won't be the same. Perez was ah-mazing, she was da freakin' queen of media here! Personally I adore her, and wish her good luck in her college. So, Perez, if you see that...


...and log in sometimes :)

Hunnigall said...

*Sniff sniff*

That's so sweet! I hope she does well in her studies

- Hunni x x x

sparklystef said...

Aw. This is really, really sad. It makes me smile, and nearly made me all teary.

Now the 'Elites' have no one to fear.

Heidi-di said...

*virtual tear*
it won't be the same without Perez!
Perez was and will be forever a stardoll legend and a media world icon.
will miss yaa:'(
it's a great hommage to the greatest gossip queen.

Dressing9900 said...

Your making me cry *Wipes eyes*
Yeah she's the only reason I could blackmail a blackmailer.

Anonymous said...

You are the best bitch ever!
And Britney, your 2nd. Springy-Gatey your 3rd.
But anyway, we will miss you.
I give you a pixel hi-5!
And my pixellised stardoll face is bringing up tears. Ones called Perez, after you!\
We will all miss you!
Or, if your fakeshake3 or Style_Magazine,
We will miss you dearly, Darling Perez!
Toodles darlin.
Hope you have a good time in your new college!