Monday, August 11, 2008

This Girl's Got ALOT of Nerves.

You aren't a girl from the Big Apple with a fabulous life Macy, you're a scammer. If you wonderful readers want to learn more, read below the other two pics.

Until now, I was friends with Powerpuffajp... and when she first told me she was leaving I was sad. But now, she is asking for a $25-30 dollar Sephora gift code in exchange for her account. She says "I can't just give it away, it has tons of rares"
Define tons. I classify it as A LOT of things. Like a 2,000 pound car. NOT five little Hot Buys and a few pieces of DKNY. (I was too disgusted to count, so it might not be right) There is no POINT to buy virtual clothing for $30 people! It's just plain RETARDED.
So Macy, F YOU HONEY. I really don't care. And by the way, your MeDoll is hideous. You have on so much black eye liner I could have mistaken you for a raccoon.


Dressing9900 said...

She does sound like a scammer. And sounds retarted.

lovinitlovinit said...

I've never heard of her. Shows what I know.

Daily*Tabloid said...

She sent me that exact same message.
She is just looking for attention, and your giving it to her.
Ignore her!

Britney said...

I agree with Anna, we can't give her attention, but I completely understand that you want to raise some awareness!

It's lose/win situation!


Anonymous said...

She already sounds like a scammer.
And who the hell would give her a $25-$30 card to Sephora?.

SweetiePieYaz said...

I've heard of her before.. hmm.. oh yeah, she's a BITCH!