Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goodbye STYLE Magazine...For Now

It's the end of the most celebrated user-created magazine on Stardoll... for a few months atleast! That's right loyal STYLE readers, after a few months without a new issue due to the release of Model-Selena's sister magazine teenSTYLE, Style herself has confirmed the temporary break. In a statement issued to members of STYLE's club, she had this to say:
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So what do you think about the announcement? Regarless of whether or not you personally like Style or Selena, you cannot deny that they create two of the most famous and well-put together magazines on Stardoll.

P.S. Style, if you're reading this, change out of that DKNY Tube Cargo Jumsuit and hop into the outfit I put you in above! I understand the whole jumpsuit craze of the moment, but you're too good for the poorly made Stardoll version.



sparklystef said...

its kinda sad, I guess. I mean, although it wasn't my cup of tea, it did make stardoll magazine history.

Sparklystef xxx

Grace said...

I agree with everything, especially the jumpduit thing!

Anonymous said...

I like the outfit you put her in!