Monday, August 11, 2008

Random sh*t I had to post! :D

I LOVE lil' miss Camille's current outfit. It's totally cobweb chic! Don't you guys think? (plus the dalmation is just ADORABLE!) I've noticed that Dei (to_royal) is also sporting this hair. New trend, or just creativity? Lets let the world decided for us! :D

WTF, a long time elite fashionista (LOVIN' THE OUTFIT) is flying under the radar. You haven't seen her at a party... in a guestbook, featured or even in bff's lists anymore. Personally, I LOVE her (platonicly... if that is where you aren't in love with them...... idk)... so that's why I've taken notice. Also, look at the picture below. She hasn't been online for a week. Well, let's see if she has left.

Just to set the record straight UR.JUST.JEALOUS I'm not perez. I never have, never will, and don't want to. We're just friends, and obviously I wouldn't expose that I'm a boy to every one over my blog, or block myself. You really had aweful logic. And, no I never had a sex change.

Okay, so the new clothes are GOD AWEFUL. Two words to describe it is PENTECOSTAL FRUMPFEST! If you don't know what the pentecostal religeon is don't read this article. It's kinda a Kentucky/west virginia/virginia/tennessee/north carolina thing! Honestly, Callie is a chamilieon. She can have cute clothes out one day.... HEIGNOUS clothes out the next. The only think I liked was the small brown leather hand bag and the plad skirt (not the one I have on) and the matching shirt. The rest, is TORTURE! *Cries tears of blood... because stardoll style has become an apocolyptic battle between chic and crap*



lovinitlovinit said...

Frump Fest.

What's with the army boots?! COmander Boots with an ankle skirt and some over-sized shirt to hold the teacher's mams in? Odd.

lovinitlovinit said...

PS Thanks! :D
I am Cruella De Ville....that is why I am wearing all the fur. Lord knows PETA will attack me and shread my pets to bits.

*Breaks into Mr. Burns's song, See my Vest, from the Simpsons*

MissBalenciaga said...

Springate (Anthony)
You are so cool!
You always have something to say even if it's boring you still make it funny.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like the new clothes, they remind me of Marc Jacob's designa in the 1990's.