Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gimme More

It's happening! Congrats Stardoll, you officially have 20,000,000 members. So far, they have given us $20 Stardollers, but will be giving thousands of Stardoll users a variety of couture gowns in a Stardoll Lottery! So, please, Callie hook me up with the Kylie Minouge Museum dress!
Gimme Gimme More
Gimme More
Gimme Gimme More


=] said...

Ooooo i SO want that kylie dress aswell!
Share it if one of us gets it?

Diamond.Beauty said...

I KNOW! That was my immeadieate thought when I saw the dresses. The Kylie Minogue dress is, without a doubt, the beast dress in my opinion.

I really want it!

Maddie said...

which one is the kylie dress?


Dressing9900 said...

I LOVE those dresses so I really don't care! Haha

jenminne said...

I love those dresses, they kick ass.
But i hope i get any dress possible, they all look kick ass.

Anonymous said...

The Kylie dress and the Lindsay (Zac Posen) dress are my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

what happened to the style stars of the week thing?
its saturday! come on!

Britney said...

It will be out Monday, from now on, it will be a Monday thing! :D