Tuesday, August 19, 2008

H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T! What Does That Spell?

HOLY SHIT! I love the new Vivienne Tam collection. I fainted, threw up, and cried when I saw the collection. It is a whirl of colour, textures and fabrics. It seems to have the sparkle of Proenza Schouler, the detailing of Chloe, and the ABFAB lace of Prada. It is rare, now'a days to find something so, shall we say marvelous on Stardoll . My guess, is........ NEW DESIGNERS!
Anyway, it seems to remind me more of DKNY's First Collection, in more ways than one. There is colour, print, and details. Stardoll completely fucked up DKNY's last season which had so much potential (but, I still bought it. It was WAY better than the Upper East Side collection. *shivers a little* I don't want to think about that.... :()
The shoes, aren't the best. The boots are okay, but the heels aren't the most remarkable for the reason of lack of detail. That's what they could have used, and a bit more realistic positioning. No one's foot curves like that. My fav piece, is the Jacket, Gold lace dress, and Black lace dress with the cute next and swirls of colors. (I have it on! :)) So, what is your because, after all it is all that matters to you, and in some cases others! Stardoll, has finally took the right approach to high fashion, beauty that is deffinetly un-preturbed by the hindrances of modern trends.
Tranny (some people have a problem with that) Anthony.


Maddie said...

...are you a girl or boy?

Anonymous said...

I love the new Vivienne Tam collection! It is the best thing on stardoll in a long time. My favorite is the short platinum colored mini dress, i have it on right now and it looks so simple yet so luxurious!

Oh_yeh_* said...

I love it! Like you said the detailing is amazing and this collection is quite FIERCE! My favourite piece is the satin strapless min, but i was hard to choose from such wonders.

Gossip Girl said...

Stardoll's most infamous 'mo (or should I say confused?) needs to either admit that he plays for the other team, or just take that plunge off of his social status and dress like the sex he was born as. There is truly nothing more fascinating then a sexually-confused preteen who's spent too long looking through his mother's Vogue.

The only person you seem to be fooling, Anthony, is yourself.

Gossip Girl

Devon said...

devon here!
britney tol dme to like you too!
so no hurt feelings!
your awesoem also!


beccayerrr said...

i like the black strapless dress, the pattern on it is so nice!

crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

I think its nice. :D Way better than DKNY. And it definatly reminds me of Prada.