Sunday, August 10, 2008

You Call THAT Writing?

Okay, so, it's official! :) I'm pregnant, no, just kidding.... we're at war with the Daily*tabloid (this'll be about as easy as Michael Phelps winning 9 gold medals to defeat THEM!) Jesus Christmas (I hope you don't care if I steal you're phrase) you can't write, and have you had so many things handed to you that you think LilMrsRich's look is GHETTO? Imtherealbbyz is ghetto. She has on ROCKER chick. And who cares. This may be the only time I stick up for her... because she isn't in the wrong. So what if she changed her look. My doll used to look like a desperate whore that would give you a BJ if you gave her ten bucks... so, why don't you talk about Tchen's crazed smile.... or LaPrimaDonna's outfit she's had on FOR LIKE THREE MONTHS.

You're articles aren't provocative or edgy, they're just plain hair-brained. And, Mr.Milan. dumped her because she was a b*tch to him, not because of her current outfit. She still dressed classically then. Props to LilMrsBitch for having your own style (I still hate you) and props to Anna or who ever (daily*BORE) to getting my attention and publishing the shit you call funny.

Love you guys,



Anonymous said...

Lol, i totally agree. DailyTabloid has gone so downhill and now their just desperate for gossip. And as for LaPrimaDonna's outfit.. she looks like she's come out of the snow.. Hello its summer? She could at least change it once in a while!

PoisonxCupcake said...

Since when is she a fashion consultant? Everyone has the right to dress however they want. LaPrimaBitch is a brainless cunt face.

lovinitlovinit said...

Agreed. :)

Audreyhep4 said...

Couldn't have said it any damn better. :)

Springate Fanatic said...

It's war bitch! I'm afraid for both teams! On each side you have two sweethearts and two crazy bitches.

The problem with Britney and Anna, is that they would be nice to each other in a fight, but if you unleash Anthony on LaPrimadonna, I honestly couldn't tell you who would win! It would be some crazy shit!

I'ma shaking!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. springate fanatic.. thats sooo true. Anthony and LaPrimaDonna are like the bitchy ones !

Anonymous said...

'Jesus Christmas!'*

Since when is having a bit of individuality, a bit of spunk, and a bit of color in your wardrobe bad? And how are those jeans 'ghetto?'

*WTF moment