Monday, August 11, 2008


Tomorrow, I'll be going back to school. That means that I won't post as much.

I'm sorry loyal cronies, followers and people who love to hate me... but it's the harsh reality.

Education is ALWAYS before some this website. But, don't worry, I'll still log on once a day... and have out posts! :)

Just not as many.

--Anthony! :D--


lovinitlovinit said...

Yeah same here. Once school starts in around the 15th, I will be on much later and less. I haven't seen my REAL friends all summer!

Dressing9900 said...

Same here. I miss my real life friends! But my virtual homiez from all over the world kept my company.

beccayerrr said...

Omg, thats so unlucky :(
I don't go back to school for another month.

hottie_emmy10 said...

I go back to school tomorrow too!I'm starting middle school(6th grade)

Britney said...

It's almost like losing my one true love!

=] said...

I have another 2 weeks of holiday!
Great to see you will continue blog-ing though!