Friday, August 8, 2008

Style Stars of the Week

Blonde Bombshells-
As the age old saying goes, blondes have more fun. Although I believe that any person with any color hair can have fun, it seems that Stardoll’s most vibrant and trendy blondes have chose looks that are both funky and fun. Each girl relied on a balance of minimal colors (Gemma and Ashley both opted to inject a bright shade of yellow into their ensembles) and yet, their virtual blonde locks seem to pull each given look together.

Ashley Wilson (BeverylHillsHei) has been plastered throughout almost every virtual Best Dressed list in Stardoll, so it is really no wonder that she would find an almost cozy spot amongst our Style Stars. Her looks are well put together, thought-out, and better yet, functional. Her use of color is quite smart; it’s minimal and yet perfect for summer.

Gemma (Gemma_W) has had my love proclaimed to her on countless occasions. She is a true fashionista (one of the most overused words in fashion – but by all means true for Gemma) and takes a creative approach to every look she creates. This ensemble in particular balances a folk inspired British school girl (that made sense, right?) with an almost chic European traveler look. This outfit is the perfect example of Gemma’s true style insight.

Our last blonde, Sophia (ChanelNo.5) has hardly been the beautiful platinum blonde that she currently is for more than a week. However, it did not take Sophia long to step into her role as a Blonde Bombshell as she chose to channel one of the world’s most famous blondes. The tight-fitted bodice of her Ann Demeulemeester top and the sparkling print of the DKNY leggings are reminiscent of “True Blue” era Madonna. No that is what I call Blonde Ambition.
I Love My: Nerd Lenses

Glasses, by most children, are considered a fashion “don’t” in grade school. As we grow up, and our fashion sense and awareness evolves, those pesky “dweeb magnets” start making a huge comeback. A few months ago, Ellie (Fakeshake3) chose to don a pair of “Folk-Artsy” glasses. While some questioned the retro fashion statement, the craze swept over Stardoll within a few hours. Every budding Style Star could be seen donning the cute and chic frames.

Now, a few months later, as school’s first day approaches, Stardoll has released two pairs of ultra adorkable (Adorable + Dorky = Adorakable) glasses that have washed over all of the site. Some of the most noticeably stylish members of Stardoll, including Taylor (TayTay14202), Dan (Fag_Puff), and Mary (WriteMaryCat), have snatched up a pair and have decided to embrace their inner nerd. It just goes to show you that fashion has always, can always, and will always amaze me.
The Fairest One Of All...

“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall… Who’s the Fairest One of All?” I


It seems to me that my lovely sister Perez just might qualify as the fairest maiden on all of Stardoll. This a partly in relation to her new found love for all things Disney. After posting an amazingly awe-inspiring article on Stardoll member’s new found trend of recreating classic Disney lands within their own suites, Perez elected herself to play a girl who’s skin is as white as snow, with lips as red as the poison apple which she so naively bites into. I must admit that I’m truly impressed and inspired by Stardoll member’s growing creativity to recreate such magical worlds all in their very own virtual homes!

Nominate Members of Stardoll who YOU think deserve a spot for next week in the comments box!


Yours truly. said...

Fakeshake didn't start anything..
This look has been in for who knows how long now. And would it kill anyone to stop mentioning 'elites' as 'style stars'??? Can you get any MORE boring? I think Gemma_W or whatever her name is is probably the only one with a DECENT sense of style.

Britney said...

Here's My Challenge To You:

Help Me Find Style Stars that aren't this so called "Elites," the only reason they are featured is because a lot more people want to read about them then about other users. They're also easier to access then a the other 20 million members who aren't as well known.

Leave Sugesstions of Girls and Boys Below!

Fag_Puff said...

Thanks, I do love those glasses.

Awsome blogging.


Anonymous said...

yeah it's aaaaaaaaalways the same pp.... there are a lot of talented users on stardoll..... just check cltreanor suit....please, she's amazing!! also mamaglams designs!! or check juliette_09, she's sooo cool.... or tinkerbells... always looking stylish....!!

I'm bored of read always about same "elites"...

Cool blog by the way!! XD


Gemma_W said...

Thank you. <3

mandy32396 said...

Awesoe, I was thinking of getting a pair of those glasses. =]]

elleo said...

Gemma looks amazing.
I wish I could have thought of that outfit.... !

My friend, Brianne (Godlygirl10) has got amazing style.
If you check her page everyday this week, you're sure to find a Style Star worthy outfit.

Yours truly. said...

Awww thank you soo much Simone [elleo]! :]

Well I think that elleo and anahifan have pretty outstanding style. Umm can't really think of anyone else at the moment, but if I can think of anyone else, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

perez looks like shit always and always talks about springate and britney behind their backs.

Anonymous said...

why don't u feat. gabisia9? she's gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you feature:Welsh_witch,mr.milan,hrf.magazine,xxdrivebylove and

meghan said...

This is what I hate about you Britney, you're so obviously desperate to kiss ass and get in with "famous" ppl on Stardoll, first following Perez around like a little puppy hoping to mooch off of her fame and popularity to promote yourself, then featuring BeverlyHillsHei and fakeSNAKE3 every chance you get when they so don't deserve it. You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I love love love Gemma's outfit! BeverlyHillsHei looks amazing, as always, but I wish she'd change her ratty hair! Who is ChanelNo.5 though? I've never heard of her? But she does look a bit like Madonna in that outfit! I'm gonna buy me some glasses too so I can look dorky fine, I do remember when SmEllie wore those hideous folk glasses and everyone wore them after that THANK GOD that trend is over! Perez is really cute as Snow White aswell!

I want to nominate lovinitlovinit, Star_Awards, Welsch_Witch I think that's how you spell it!

There not too "Elitish" but they have there own personal style!

Springate Fanatic said...

I like those glasses, they are cute and cheap! Perfect for the broke fashionista! :)

lovinitlovinit said...

Thanks anonymous! I look like a weasel in a bag, but thanks for noticing! :D

I really liked Ashley's, Gemma is always lookin' fine, and Miss Sophia is DIVINE. Those glasses are nice, but y'know, I miss the Chanel Folky ones! Those were HOT!

Catherine =] said...

Great post!
Loved it all.
Her style is fantastic =]

olcianeczka95 said...

i think you should feature agamng she has a gorgeous suite, just amazing and creative-one of the best on stardoll!her tv idea is just o cool!x

Dressing9900 said...

Ohh I adore all these outfits! Great fashion sense!
I wanna nomiate InnerBeautyMag, myself (lovelymanners and I'm a little vain so what?

Anonymous said...

Ashley should've had Gemma's bottom and Gemma should've had Ashley's bottom. :]

writemarycat said...

Great post, don't be jelaous,people!
And Britney, thanks for putting me in! Those glasses are superb!

Yours truly. said...

writemarycat, nobody's jealous; just tired of seeing only 'elites' featured as people with great style, since there are probably alot more not-as-well-known people with wayy better fashion sense.

writemarycat said...

yours truly , you think, that I am Elite?

Yours truly. said...

Well no, Not to offend you.. I actually like that she featured YOU because I haven't ever really heard of you, no offence. But people like beverlyhillshei are the kind of people that I'm [probably lots of other people] tired of seeing featured.