Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Words For You Gossip Girl

Pull your head out of your fake identity's ass. Every one knows that, if you go by "Gossip Girl" or "Style" you're a coward. You're afraid of what people will think of you. I know, this because I was one... but what you said crossed the line.
I'm not gay, period. There's a such thing as a boy who likes fashion. Ever heard of Oscar De La Renta's wife Annette? You have now. Loving fashion, doesn't make you gay. It makes you some what of a philanthropist, so watch your mouth. AND, my medoll is a girl, because I like it that way. The only thing fuglier than the men's clothing on Stardoll is Magda's boobs (I think her name is that...) from There's Something About Mary. You're an old, wrinkly SACK OF INSULTS AND WORTHLESSNESS. I will like what I want, oh, and by the way, I don't read American Vogue. Too cliche. I read WWD, Numero, and Italian Vogue. (sometimes Bazaar) SO GO BACK TO YOUR SMALL MINDED HOLE.
Fuck you very much (love that song),
*Gives the finger* Suck on THAT BITCH!


Devon said...


you rock!!
dude, your like my idol!
i am having the same problem as you!
just not dressing my doll in the whole girl thing.
but i love fashion!!


Anonymous said...

Gossipgirl is just jealous that you are able to be so open about the fact that you are a boy because she is one too and she is to scared to tell people! lol

And i don't get why people think it's weird that your medoll is a girl, i think it is weirder to have a boy medoll, Stardoll is pointless if you can't buy makeup from Sephora or dresses from Vivienne Tam. :P

In conclusion, WOOHOO SPRINGATE!! <3

-Kasia (UndaMyUmbrellla)

Gossip Girl said...

Oh Anthony, perhaps you haven't lost your balls as I had been so naive to suspect earlier. I cannot find a simple thing to say other then I underestimated your bitchitude. Well played.

However, I must say, I have no problem with homosexuality, I just have problems with people who try to deny it or shut it out.

Not that you'd be one to do that.

Gossip Girl

The Star Dose said...

Just ignore that bitch Springate, she's nothing but a coward.

Gosia said...

Alright! We All Hate Dumb Gossip Girl That Just Throws Up A Bunch Of Crap At All The Stardoll Blogs. Besides, There Are A Gazillion Stardoll Gossip-Girl Wannabes =D Go Anthony!

Gossip-Girl, Going Against Springate Aint Such A Good Idea


*Throws Peanut Butter At Her Hair*

Anonymous said...

I completly get your point, but isn't Perez like gossip girl hiding her true identity?

Kiira said...


Dora said...

What Gosia said.

crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

Amen! I hate when people think just because your a boy and you love fashion, youre automatically gay. Just look at some of the top fashion designers; Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger! But people just dont have respect. So Gossip Bitch get a fucking life.


Clara(Gusmani) said...
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Clara(Gusmani) said...

Gossipgirl if the poor boy doesn't say what you want it's definitively a problem of your head.
I must say that I know alot of asses like you...
Get a Life.
Stardoll is a Site.
Don't make it into a Drama;it ain't Hollywood.

Blonde_Bum101 said...

Well said, haha. That article was truly inspirational, and I totally agree. She's just a silly little girl/boy/sheman who has nothing better to do than criticize successful blogs; explanation for this? Because she obviously is bored with her own pathetic life and chooses to amuse herself by trying to ruin the lives of others. Don't let her get to you, you're more of person then she will ever be! :)
-Ashley Taylor

paris101fan said...

I agree with Crazi Baby and the other chick.

So now, just coz your a guy and you love fashion means your gay? What happened to soicety??

Oh, and about Gossip Girl. She is such a bitch. Always (i repeat ALWAYS) being a bitch. She's so addicted to stardoll, it's not funny.

Gosia said...

F*ck Off Bitch! Go Masturbate In Your Own Blog!

Kimberly Davids said...

I hate that loserbitch.

Grace said...

While I think that you being an "idol" is a bit extreme, you do make an excellent point. Liking fashion does not make you gay. Ralph Lifshitz (A.K.A. Ralph Lauren) likes fashion and he is no more gay than I am Greta Garbo. Thank you for pointing this out.

Babii-Mariex said...

Gossip girl is a sad, lonely person with no life so she needs to try and ruin other people's lifes, which will never work. I feel sorry for this poor child. It makes me laugh when i read her pathetic comments in my blog and i simply ignore them. I have no clue who she is, and as far as i know she is a nobody.

She deserves no attention in my eyes and we should all just forget about her.

Iina said...

Gossip Girl should run and hide.
Thank you Anthony!

`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

Woop Woop xD
Go Anthony!
Gossip-girl is just yet ANOTHER one of the Gossip Girl wannabes on Stardoll.
She's just a bitch that comments a LOT of crap :P