Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Honk if you hate stardoll's clothing!


AHHH, I'm sorry, but these clothes, are the same shit on a different day. I mean honestly, who would wear those besides CHER. They're overpriced, tacky, and deffinetly not tasteful. Why don't they have a greek collection and put out Lanvin, or a edgy collection and put out Comme De Garcons, Yves Saint Laurent, or Dolce and Gabbana. Maybe a designers of the past and put out Yves Saint Laurent's Spring-Summer 1976 collection that had almost 200 looks, that where all beautiful in their own way? I mean, Callie, are you letting these graphic designers put out this crap because some one's tired of their vibrator? (yeah, I said it, get over it) Or is your head too far up your ass, to see what you're letting people wear. Seriously, stop it. STOP IT! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF GAWFUL (god-aweful) CLOTHING! *Falls on the ground* *Twitches a little*

You get my point.


lovinitlovinit said...

Nicely worded.


Cece said...

Haha! That was so funny and true to the bone.

Mission: Fashion said...

This post is gold
- youlovelorie