Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eternity August Issue

OMG. I think I'm in love...with a magazine. Let me be completely honest with you, I am so truly amazed by the quality and overall substance of this magazine. It's fun, funky, and the articles are perfect for the Stardoll user or budding teenager. The graphics are also very impressive and stand up to the likes of Style magazine. The funny thing about this Stardoll magazine, is that it almost acts like a more youth version of Style Magzine itself - acting as somewhat of a teenSTYLE. Well now, it'd be classified as the halfway mark between Style and it's teen counterpart.
This months covergirl, better known to the Stardoll world as TheBlack.Secret, was Ashwy. She looked absolutely divine on the cover and throughout her interviews photo shoot. She's a true breathe of fresh air and presents herself with both intelligence and style. The following articles continue with the theme of Summer colors and style. So, let me say congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment.
It's brills!


writemarycat said...

yay! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This magazine is so neat. I've never heard of it before now, but I really love it!

alexas said...

I really love the graphics!

Dignity said...

This magazine is better then style, teen style, flash, pose, and that horrible done all together! She is soo damn talented, I'm so impressed!

Brooke said...

Sorry to all the readers and fans of the magazine, but I've never heard of this until BritBrit posted it. I have to say, good job! The mag is really quite interesting! I wish I knew how to make these things! :B

Brooke said...

P.S. Does anyone know a good graphics program?

*Searches desperately online*

Princess Liv said...
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Princess Liv said...

This is the best Stardoll magazine! I always read it.