Monday, August 11, 2008

"Do I Dazzle You?" asked Dan

"Yes, Dan, we all agree!" I utter.

There never isn't a sunny day in the world of Fag_Puff. Every day he is in a sunny setting with rainbows, animals and enchantment, and every day his outfit is nothing below extraordinary. From layering belts, shirts and particularly ABFAB leopard shoes.... His style is nothing less than a rainbow of excitement and is certainly festooned with cheer. His outfits always put a smile on my face and besides, how could tchen not like him? Any one with rainbow hombre hair is okay in my book. So, people GO TO HIS PAGE. (or things might start disappearing from you suite, real mysterious, like. Jks! :D It's not like I'm HIFOF! GAH!) So, Dan, keep on dazzlin'.


Anonymous said...

okay wow!
is this suppose to be gossip or funny or something?

lovinitlovinit said...

Ooooooh ahhhhhh.
I love his hair. I go to his page about once a week to see what color it is! It tends to match my mood. Freaky.