Friday, August 8, 2008

Lady Hotness! :D

So, I was on my way to the shop to see if we had got any new clothing last night and I abruptly saw three gowns. Three BEAUTIFUL gowns. I of course, didn't buy one... because as usual I'm saving my money for something better. Any ways, today I saw a doll named Lady Lovelace. (I love lace too, honey) and immediately I fell in love! :D There's one dress I don't like, but the rest I do. Plus, her head bands are TO DIE FOR. I'd so go back in time for one to put in my collection. Visit her page. It's really classy... and well decorated! :D

Loves it,



lovinitlovininit said...

Yeah she is pretty cool. I wasn't totally in LOVE love, but I mean is nice.

I was more crazed for the Phoenix.

Mission: Fashion said...

the headbands are available now!

Springate Fanatic said...

I wish they would make the dresses available for EVERYONE! Damn bastards!

Springate, you look ferosh with that headband!