Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reprise About Tampons

Why should the young people of Stardoll not be about to say "fuck, shit, ass, cunt" and so on, but willingly join a club about tampons. Honestly, no one cares. I mean, I'm pregnant with Britney's baby (running joke) so I'm moody, but still. I said "OH, SHIT!" when I first read it in our blog. Lets talk about the mellifluous wonder of tampons all over Stardoll, a Children's website.
Seriously it didn't make me mad, but if you're so concerned why don't you stop whoring our once Utopia of "Fame, Fashion, and Friends{" out to tampons, dumb straight to video movies and GET SOME PUREOLOGY, Callie. I'm serious, I'm damn sick and tired of it.

I once said this was my favorite website and that all my friends should join. Now, it's honestly a joke. I only stay for my friends (and the baby, so it doesn't grow up with a single parent). So Callie, here is my proposal. FIX YOUR HOT TRANNY MESS, OR I'LL MAKE YOU EVEN MORE OF A HOT TRANNY MESS. Score one.
*Finger fives Britney*
So, my friends, what do you think. Leave some comments, I'm interested about what you think of "Your Monthly Gift" and how that people are only joining it for clothes. Okay, I joined for free clothes, but who couldn't. It's a fool proof plan)
Anyways, you people get my point.
Dictated but not read (ALWAYS wanted to do that, I wrote it though.....)
YOU HOT [blooded] TRANNY :)
P.S. Callie, Stardoll has become the crusty blood left on the never-EVER-been-changed tampon of society. Score two.
*Finger fives Britney*


Anonymous said...

i think its stupid!
most people on here havent even gotten them yet!
im only in it for the prize.


(i havent gotten it myself :[)


Swimer23 said...

i agree! this is a little kids site!

also check out
for my full opinion.

Kitty said...

I thought it was a bit inapporopriate to be honest, because obviously there are members on Stardoll who are boys and don't want to hear about things like that.
But yeah, I'm just in it for for the free crap!

Me said...

What's The Problem? Tough It's Plain Freaky, Because Yesterday When I Joined It, My Period Occured, And It Was Early In A Day....

babii--giirl said...

LMFAO !!!!!!!

lovinitlovinit said...

Do you guys really think Stardoll cares about your monthly gift? NO. They care about their monthly paycheck! So I don't see why everyone is going nuts over a PAD. Yeah, there are nine year olds on this site, but IT IS A FACT OF LIFE! I have had my period, (Oh wait, we're being politically correct here? I have had my 'monthly gift') and guess what? No one cares! So I really don't understand why people are getting their bloody panties in a knot over an Ad for Tampax Pearl. You just wait until it is a Pregnancy Test. THEN you can come talk to me. Until then, you can find me in the nearest target laughing my butt off.

PS, when is the baby due? I want to have the babygift ready for the shower! :D

Anonymous said...

I dont care, I only joined but I'm not taking part in any of those pervy discussions, im just getting the gifts even though they're as plain as possible..

and a monthly gift..
yeah.. just what id want for christmas. i think that expression is just wrong,..gifts are meant to be nice

Anonymous said...

i don't see a problem with it. c'mon most girls know about it. plus there's more girls than guys on SD.

Stefz said...

Its stupid. And horrible.

Oh, sorry, but the thing about the crusty blood nearly made me sick.

But besides from that, its totally retarded. The tampon thing..


Anonymous said...

Springate; you`re HILLARRIIOUUUSSS :D
love everything u write!!

Staci said...

Springate: your writing style is HOT. and yeah ummm... i bet about everyone joined for the free shit.