Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Official: Worth the Wait

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Almost a full week after it's planned premiere release issue was halted due to technical difficulties, teenSTYLE can finally be viewed as a whole, colorfully exquisite masterpiece. One question that was prominent throughout most loyal reader's minds was whether or not the week long wait was worth it for this virtual magazine. Let me tell you, it is, it was, and it always will be. Because of the fact that, no matter how long you have to wait, Style magazine and it's teen sister, (teenSTYLE is the Skipper to Style's Barbie), will always be worth the wait.
Selena did an outstanding job with the entire team and put forth effort to make teenSTYLE's premiere issue memorable and visually stunning. As much as the overall graphics of the mag impressed me, I was pleasantly surprised with the articles and themes throughout the issue. Some of the standout articles included Isabella's wonderful biographical essay on one of my favorite Project Runway designers, Rami Kashou. Her article was smart, beautifully worded, and flowed smoothly. Another high point of the magazine, was the interesting interview with Lindsay, August's Covergirl. She presented herself with class, and yet still captured my interest with her music taste, bold fashion choices, and all-around girl-next-door vibe.
Of course, I cannot discuss teenSTYLE without mentioning the actual style aspect of the magazine! As far as it goes, the magazine appropriately featured only teen trends (like it should have) and seemed to hit most on the head. I'm still wondering if hoop earrings are back, but then again, Selena and Style are all knowing! Also, whoever said watermelon is the new pink is seriously disturbed. No, they're actually spot on. For me, watermelon equals love. It compliments EVERY skin tone. Enough rambling now!
All in all, this issue was damn near perfect. It was everything it should have been and more. So, I raise up a virtual glass to congratulate my friends on the TS staff and wish them all the luck and recognition they deserve.


lovinitlovinit (Cam) said...

I am so jealous of how she can put together these outfits! I mean the Heatherette shoes in the last article? Love.

morgan said...

Style herself has no clue what a teenager would like since she's clearly a 50 year old woman, and neither do her writers who have been trying to emulate her for so long that even they have forgotten how to relate to people in their age group.

Springate Fanatic said...

I thought the articles were good, but I kinda agree with Morgan, and Britney! I mena, she is out of the young loop, it's obvious when she tried to convince us that hoop earings are back! lol

I still thought it was incredible!

Gia Baby said...

hey brit brit!

Anonymous said...

That is soo true.
I MUST agree with Morgan, Style has no idea whats "Fashion" Besides she is always dressing with Black/white

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