Monday, August 18, 2008


The new Vivienne Tam Fall 2008 collection has literally just arrived in the Star Plaza. The threads are sexy, sophisticated, and even adorened with sparkle! The line is truly a breath of fresh air as it seems Stardoll's fashion atmosphere has been polluted with that hideous "Back to School" line that has the potential to be so ABFAB. This Stardoll Real Brand's sequel collection is just as colorful, lovable, and Asian-inspired as Vivienne's wonderous Summer Ready-to-Wear line. So, although this is rare said, WELL DONE STARDOLL. Take a bow...
Here are the ACTUAL pieces that inspired the virtual orgasm:

(Click to Enlarge)

Expect a lengthy review from Stardoll's reigning Fashion writer, Springy, tomorrow!



Maddie said...

i think the dresses are SO UGLY!
they like make my hips look fat
and it looks like some have shoulder pads
no offense but i am NOT buying any!

but i'd love to see how everyone styles them!


Maddie said...

i do love the strapless black dress with the flowers though

but i have no cash :[

check out my sale in my star bazaar!

Britney said...

That's funny you say that, because I actually LOVe the fit compared to the baggy, and shapeless dresses that were included in the last collection!

I think it's fierce!

Maddie said...

well we all have opinions!

Anonymous said...

I love these dresses! They are so chic and the severe silhouettes really remind me of classic Balenciaga.

-Kasia (Undamyumbrellla)

Gossip Girl said...

It's so apparent when a wannabe fashion Elite remarks that these clothes are anything but perfectly "in" fashion.

Word to the wise Maddie, stop trying so hard, your attempt at having an actual fashion sense is somewhat laughable.

Gossip Girl

Rhiann said...

I wasnt really that overwhelmed with happiness when the first VT came out.
Im in love with this collection though. :)
Its alot less generic than the last one. I especially like the black lace dress, strapless and the shortsleeved one.
Ps - Gossip Girl, Ive only seen a few of your posts, and already I loves ya. :)
In a non-lesbian way. said...

WTF are you wearing britney?? you look like shit =/

MR_smexy_dude said...

britney! my new BFF! i am going to leave a comment on your post and not that other persons because your way cooler then them. and your post was wayyy better.

your new BFF,

Heidi-di said...

I'm in complete amour with the dresses ^^