Friday, August 8, 2008

DON'T Quit Your Day Job.

Honestly, before now I thought style was at times a really good dresser and at times, mediochre, but now... BLEH!
*pukes all over her god aweful outfit*
I mean, she looks like she went through Erykah Badu's trash, sewed it together and put it on. Style, don't quit your day job. To be honest, I used to think some people where jealous, but who could be now? My white mumu(ish) with gloves and opaque tights looks better. And we all know why she made this "change". It was because people would think she is friendly. Like her Top Spot Topic about it being done.... before it would have been cold and icy but now its a bit warm. Honestly, she thinks she is hot shit on fine china, but she is really cold turds on a paper plates.
Besides, no one would put up that kind of front if they didn't have something to hide. Is she really a bearded man, or a compulsive sex addict? The world may never know. One thing they will know is that, her outfit could stop a clock.


lovinitlovinit said...

Ouch. That is harsh. But I agree, that outfit really doesn't work for her. She should go back to her former Anna Wintours days, I guess. Better style! :D

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think she ever changed...

Mission: Fashion said...

LOL, that outfit is slightly SICKENING.


Steven said...

Hahaa! Yep Lorie is correct,
Style never really had a sense of Style if you don't believe me look at her boring (Full Blacks-Gothic wardrobe)

For me it's sort of shocking, you admired her sense of Fashion. Comon, it's not like your a widow :D

Grace said...

What's with the hair? Where DID she get those extensions??