Sunday, July 27, 2008

WH*RE, You're Trash.

It's usual now for me to trash someone, but I was stupid enough to take a bribe. And who from? SATAN (Well, LilMrsBITCH).
When I first told her that I was a boy, she told me "I'm a 12 year old boy, named Joshua." Then she said I must give her a rare to be her friend and said, "I lied, I'm really just a 12 year old girl." So I trusted her (mistake #1) and a week after I asked her if she was always on that account she said no, it used to be her older sister's and she takes care of it now. THEN, she'll only be my friend for 1 rare. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN she would do that. So, she demanded MK. The only thing I had was a jacket that was lent to me, so OUT OF I DON'T KNOW WHAT, I gave it to her and said I'd love to trade it to the girl I was borrowing it from. Luckily she let me.
NOW, when I threatened to tell every one that she scams, she blocked me. A few days ago, she added me and we talked. Soon enough she said asked me if for 10 rares I would forgive her. SO I DID, and today when I was supposed to get the rares she blocked me. That takes NO CLASS at all. I understand Perez now.

Click on the pics above to see her admit she cheats, and some random other ones, that you'll love. It's not often you find some brass in the trash, pick it up and assume it's gold. I guess Sophia, WAS A DUMBASS PIECE OF BRASS. For the next week or so, I'll put out more pics where she admits she HACKS (which she did to me, TWICE over two accounts) and that she has an account she says "is her brothers but it's hers."
I don't know what to believe, BUT I KNOW THAT FUCKING JEZEBEL LOVES TO WALLOR IN THE BAD ATTENTION THAT YOU CONSTANTLY GET. HOW DARE YOU, CHEAT, HACK, AND MAKE UP RUMORS. *Shakily smoothes my skirt and pushes my hair behinds my ears* *calms down*
WH*RE, you're trash.


The Tranny! >XC


lovinitlovinit said...

Wee! Let the feathers fly!
I had evidence which I accidentally deleted. :l...great.

Did you find the evidence on my account, anthony? I can't remember.

Either way she has confessed to me that she scams and what not and still owes me a posh dress. (She is still keeping to her word and is 'looking' for one)

I will look and see the rest I can find. AND GIVE ME A SLICE OF THAT CAKE! SOME OF THAT EVIDENCE I GAVE YA! Like her brothers account!?! You can't take the whole blame, sista'!

Anonymous said...

Hey I love your site! (:
I have just started a blog about Stardoll today and I'm wondering if you wanted to check it out or post it on your site so that I could get more popular with it and everything.

Well, here's the link:

I'm going to put more gossip soon, but maybe you could check it out? Thanks so much!

Fakeshake3 said...

Oh my days

Anthony my child you sure have some hating goin on as usual. :| Hmm, I don't know what to say I love both you guys, I hope everything gets worked out ^_^

*Starts singing Barbara Streisnad,

People, people who need peopleee*

Amen sister brohter, your hi-lraious, ill give you that ;)

Ellie x

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is one mean person. Not much more to say then that, I'm sorry you guys crossed paths!

Grace said...

I have evidence too. Check out to see my horrid experiences!
-Grace (glamourous1098)

Alexa said...

God I hate that bitch!

Kimberly said...

Eww, it's smEllie.

Anonymous said...

Ew! She scammed me to! I hate that whore slut fugster Sophia!

Brooke said...

That bitch can rot in Stardoll hell! She scammed one of my closest friends out of her MK items! What I don't understand about her is why people still continue to trust her or talk to her.

I mean, she has all of this damning evidence against her, why do people still get suckered by her?


Jezebel said...

HAHA! No body likes that ugly cunt. Fuck her pastey nasty slut shit.

Jezebel is right!

Kayla Evans said...

I actually have heard a lot that she's a scammer! Don't take that from her, Anthony!

Mango99999 said...

Umm I like her actually, shes always nice to me.

peachygirl536 said...

I would have taken the rares :P

Anonymous said...

She's mega Loverly!
Who cares if she scams, I dont :L
N1mka4eva, Lovies. x