Monday, July 28, 2008

Cleopatra, Queen of Denial! (thanks p-rez, I like that!)

How do you explain there sophia? Hmmm, you can't. I have the original message that's completely clear. I don't have IM and I don't wish to. If you would pull your head out of your giant ass for one minute you'd see I'm not a brain wiz. I'm probably like twice as smart as you. (That's not very much) I mean, honestly, do you have a fxcking heart? Honestly, why would I block her? I'd let you guys get on my account and read my messages if I wasn't afraid of hackers. (like sophia... *coughs, sir style, coughs*)

So, what are you afraid of? I thought you said "I don't care, trash me, I'm done with being elite (I have that message if you want to see it peeps! :D) and I want my last words to you to be nice" I FONDLY REMEMBER IT. I'll be the biggest pain in your ass if you don't admit to what a whore you are. I mean, honestly. I loved what you where saying, I've got little to no rares right now... so, go ahead you passive bitch, come out and fight me. I'm not sneaky, I'm not passive, I'm an aggressive little HICK (in the words of you) so fight me. I'll be ready any time, motha ****er. OHHHHHH, and here's a little something for the people who like me, and hate sophia, I LOVE YOU GUYS, and I just wanna KISS YOU ALL!

With hate, and alot of other mean emotions,

An-tho-ny, bitches!


lovinitlovinit (Cam) said...


Not sure what to say except Anthony is telling the truth. I WAS THERE! (Kinda).
When he got the evidence he told me so its not like he's making all this up today. It happened a WHILE ago and he just kept quiet...and PUNCED! MEOW!

Anonymous said...

I've heard a bunch of people say that she scams. Why do people still trust her? Whatever, she is officially deleted off of my friends list!

De-Licious said...

Anthony is ah-mazing!
You rockin' bee-otch!
I totally know, that slut is a total attention whore who hacks and scams like no one's business.
Keep up the trashin' baby!

Brooke said...


I simply love it when a bitch get's shown up. Bravo, shall I say brava, Anthony.


peachygirl536 said...