Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss Bad Media Karma

Just when you thought that "Ellie Drama" had cooled off, this happens. It turns out one of Stardoll's most infamous users has found herself (yet again, I might add), in a sticky situation. No, she hasn't blackmailed others into giving her virtual Celeb clothes (those days are long over...) but she has rubbed a certain user the wrong way.

In her ploy to be Covergirl, Ellie inlisted her close and personal "friend" Puccapo and her 600 - yes 600 - accounts to help her become Covergirl. Puccapo would use her 600+ accounts to rate fakeshake3 5/5 every time.

The problem arose when a member, named kubuju16, (formerly the Covergirl winner and clothes copier bukujuniek) discovered her little plan and inlisted her 232+ other accounts to vote against her. What is so damn special about becoming Covergirl? I still don't get it!

As the wise Stacy Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie once said, "No No Drama..."

When will these girls realize that they're living in a virtual world, and they are material girls...wait wrong song...


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Puccapo said...

Hi, i just read your blog and i think its good but in this post anyway you havnt got the correct information. Yes, i helped vote Ellie covergirl because she asked me too. Ive got about 150 accounts which i admit to that i used to vote myself with to win scenerywinner. There is another girl that did the main voting. I dont want to reveal her name because i havnt talked to her about it. Nor am i sure how Ellie got her to vote. I just helped because Ellie wanted to make sure she won. Dont you think that if we had 600 accounts it would be enough for her to win?