Saturday, July 26, 2008

Open Letter to Tylerisbomb

Tyler, some people may call you a good person, and that your creative and fashionable. I disagree. Your "Angel" collection is reminiscent of Comme De Gacons this season (which the designer said, their self, it was then showing the label had bad taste too) which looks the same as every other collection you've created. I'd rather buy from Decowood, Perez, or Nephthys. That is why, I created this picture. It's the finger burning, which I'd both like to do to you. I mean, honestly, you're just another dried up fame wh*re on stardoll. We have enough of those, I mean HELLO (me) and a girl named Style_Magazine.

If you knew what's best for you, you'd just stop. You have enough (a club with 10,000 members) and a medoll that is sufficient. So, please, PLEASE stop and smell the coffee. You don't have to improve your account every three minutes or create another collection. Just make like me, and have fun. (I'm having fun dissing you btw) By the way, your medoll reminds me all too much of a certain guy named perez hilton (with out a fabulously died feax hawk) Please, PLEASE take this to heart.

Which side are you on? Do you love him (He has some good qualities) Or do you hate him like MaleElite? Leave a comment, and maybe I'll feature you!

And, my last two words are, F YOU MORON.

You sometimes PMS Acting Tranny, SpringBoy


Britney said...

OMG. TylerisBomb is my friend!

Mission: Fashion said...

He's nice.
But who is MALEELITE?
Like wtf I trash talk him so much in his GB, lmfao

lovinitlovinit said...

I don't really have a comment...

But your a good drawer! I love the hand detailing! XD

paris101fan said...

Yeah, your a good drawer!

Mango99999 said...

I love the drawing, thats is all.

Babii-Mariex said...

I first met Tyler at a party in liquid-x when he said something like ''Finally A True Elite Has Arrived.'' Or something. Peshhh. Anyway I think he's changed and We're friends now but.. yeah, haha.

P.S Anthony, Thats one ah-mazing drawing you got there ;]

- 0X

Nicolle-1993x said...

Anthony My Fav Tranny ;)
Haha! I Agree Wif Yuu So Efin Mch Its Unbelievable Lol. Tyler's Such A Jerk To Me. When I Say Something Like OMG I Love Yur Outfit He's Like.. ''Ok.'' I Get So Mad Sometimes. && His ''Fashion Range'' Or Whatever Sucks Ass.. BIG Time. I Would Rather Buy The Whole Candies Range (Ewww) Than That Junk!
Awesomee Drawin Tuu ;)

Anonymous said...

Very well said Springate:)
Tyler is a bitch and he knows it. The whole Star Dose blog is a joke because every post he has written so far has been about his lame Angel Line.

what a self obseesed man whore

and dear, your an Artist:D

peachygirl536 said...

I do not like his collection, but he seems pretty cool.

Blonde_Bum101 said...

Well Tyler is actually my friend, so I disagree. :)