Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Style Stars of the Week

The Look of Love
These three ladies have excelled in their given fashion fields this week! First of all, Gemma can never, has never, and will never, look bad in anything she wears. In my opinion, she is the most flawlessly fashionable girls on Stardoll. Isabella is also another layering diva! I love the fact that she includes so many pieces without making it too busy. Fever_Cole also never looks bad. Her style is all her own. Unique is a perfect word for this outfit!

I Love My: Gladiator Heels
In the fashion industry, Gladiator-type heels have been slowly but surely making an impact in many designers lines. Stardoll's very own Marykate Olsen was seen sporting these unique heels months before they became a "hot" item on Stardoll. Here, BeverylHillsHei and PerezStarGossip can be seen rocking one of the hottest items of the season.


Just Because...


Not only does Gemma_W have an apparent fashion sense, but she has a very fun and creative decorating sense. See here, she used the famous "Mary Poppins" umbrella to make this adorable little turtle...AWWW!


TAYLOR said...

hey! i love your blog about Stardoll.. its great!
i'm t.a.y.l.o.r. on stardoll hehe just in case you wanted to check me out.
Anddd if you wanna put on your page that the Gladiator sandals that Stardoll recently released, they're inspired by Givenchy.
Heres a link to them;


XOXO love zoetaylor

xHaute_couturex said...

Thank you fashion god's for letting Perez post about this site!

Haha, amazing! I'm already addicted! Nice one:P

little_willow said...

Heym I had just checked out this blog after seeing it on Perez, then I checked my blog and you had commented. Small blogspot :P

Anyway, I love your blog....it's going into my favourites :)

Keep up the good work! :)

Heidi-di said...

omfg i love your blog!!Fashion+Gossip,just what i need!and who doesn't? xD
and i was astonished when i saw Isabella's outfit this morning!this girl will never stop surprising us!
i felt so guilty when i ruined her outfit in an attempt to see what it was composed of.

Alphonsinne* said...

love your blog!
please visit mine!