Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gimme Gimme More...

Real Celeb Clothes! Finally, after months of wishing and hoping, millions of Stardoll girls have had their dreams come true! That's a little too Disney, isn't it? Well, it made my Stardoll night! Either way, the fact that Stardoll is finally putting more Real Celeb clothing in the shops is a good thing. At the moment, this hot piece is not available to buy, but it will most likely be in the morning.
So, if Stardoll's going to release more Real Celeb clothes, what pieces do you want? I personally would love for Stardoll to release the following items:


What Items Do You Want?




crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

i love those items a lot to.I also want the gossia pearline clothes,the faith hill lace dress,and the hilary duff gold skirt and black ankle boots and the juicy couture jacket.

Caridie said...

def that gorgeous yellow MKA RC dress, I'm in love with it. I think a lot of people who shelled out major dolluhs for them earlier are gonna be pissed though!