Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Style Stars of the Week

Style Stars
"Style is knowing who you are, and what you want to say..." I can't even count how many times I've heard Heidi Klum's squeaky, high voice shout that at me as I arrived at a young girls' suite. That quote, no matter how many times I've heard it, still rings true for the budding and established fashionistas of Stardoll's virtual world. These three established style icons have made three very captivating, bold, and attractive ensembles.
First, we have teenSTYLE's original covergirl, Puccapo. The Vivienne Tam purple short sleeved pull over looks exquisite against the DKNY ruffle skirt and tied belt. I really love the color purple, so this look is an all together masterpiece. Another smart move: the YSL pumps.
Kaya Richards, known to most as Sudanese.Beauty, looks funky and outrageously hot. I love it. The colors contrast her skin tone perfectly and I love the DKNY loose fitting halter with the skinny jeans. Lovely girl.
Our last Style Star is none other that Ms. Ashley herself, BeverlyHillsHei. She looks ravishing in the simple white mini dress from Candies and the accesories, including the light pink pumps, flow together flawlessly, making this simple piece look elegant and chic.
I Love My: Katie Holmes Cut

Katie Holmes. We all know and love her as Rachel Dawes from "Batman Begins," or the adorable and complex Joey Potter from "Dawson's Creek." With her innocent stare and jet setting style, she's better known now as Mrs. Tom Cruise and mother to the most stylish little kid in Hollywood (other than Kingston Rossdale) Suri. Her recent friendship with the famous Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckam, has helped her to become an innovative and trendy mother and actress.

So, when I first saw that the clean Katie Holmes cut had reached Stardoll's virtual Style Studio, I knew that the most fashion forward members would soon be transforming their old locks of hair from drab to fab. No sooner had I made this prediction, that I saw the Queen of Style herself, well...Style! For her, you might consider the look to be more Anna Wintour (who also has a similar cut, but wears it with a bit more length). Another Style Star as fabulous as the hair cut was the lovely Linda. Opposite of what Style accomplished, the bright and kitsch accessories that Linda chose creates a rough and edgy look.

Either way, they both look ab fab.

Down at the Moulin Rouge

"One Day I'll Fly Away..." Baz Lurhmann's masterpiece, even though it is so much more than that, Moulin Rouge has captured the hearts of millions of hopeless romantics and transformed the musical jewel into a worldwide phenomenon. The endlessly talented Nephthys' has created the infamous Elephant Suite in her very own Stardoll home. Everything from the awe-inspiring Paris city sky line circa 1900 created entirely of Star Design tops, to the Satine created using a variety of unexpected items. Please, do yourself and favor and stop by her amazingly creative and memorable suite.



elleo said...

Oooh, I love those outfits at the top. They're all stunning, but Puccapo's in particular. :)

Puccapo said...

Wow, thanks Britney! :D

lovinitlovinit said...

Yeah I love Puccapo's, Kaya's is alright, and Ashley's is simple and pretty. Overall they are nice.

You know Katie Holmes got this Oliver Twist cut, right? She is trying to bring back the 80's. It flips out and all. :P

And I have to see Moulin ROuge!

Fag_Puff said...

To be honest I've seen people wear that Candies dress so much better, They're just not 'elite'.


Anonymous said...

BeverlyHillsHei, Puccapo, and Style_Magazine look good.
Sudanese.Beauty would look better if she had different boots or shoes. I don't like the mechanic boots she is wearing.
Star_Awards I don't like her new look lately. I like the classic, chic, Star_Awards that we all knew and loved.

petsrule3_5 said...

OOH! i love these outfits so much!! But i'm not really sure what's with the whole layering trend lately, i don't really get it.....(puccapo)

peachygirl536 said...

Agreed- stunning!

And I love Moulin Rouge!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Moulin Rouge! That's my favorite movie!

Anonymous said...

Puccapo is the only one I liked!

Anonymous said...

Puccapo looks brilliant!

lolly_baby_gurl said...

I love puccapo's outfit!
I've got nothing against that Kaya girl but her outfit's ugly
And the other girl..Pretty