Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Review This, Bitches! :D

Domenico Dolce calls the woman he dresses the "street aristocrat". But that street, seems to have sidestepped down some 1970's back alley: Brown College girl meets the new york underground. For A/W 2008-9 she's wearing 3 piece tweed suits, resolutely long and floaty skirts and petticoats reaching for the groud, plaid shirts, janky prints, long shearling waistcoats (which did NOT tickle my fancy! :D), chunky cord of astrakhan dresses, leather patchwork- you name it. And it's all mixed and matched in a blitz of quirky fabrics and takes on fashion, light years from cliche and received wisdom.
All aboard for an urban neo-western wallowing in natural comfort, city slicker country rock with an occasional hit of Annie Hall. while style cues are mainly rustic man, the phrasing never loses sight of a house style rooted in sexy 'attitude', as it lines up the straight and pencil trousers, sensual sophistication- the SWOOSH of generously-cut fabrics, and doing-my-own-thing layers.
The collection is Dolce and Gabbana's answer to any one who symmetrically associates streetwear with sloppy t-shirts, babies and shapeless sweatshirts, and proves that relaxed casual wear has more than on look up its sleeve. This look is not what I call beautiful, sensual, or flattering. Come evening time, the dresses are by ballerina out of princess frou frou - proof, if any where needed, that today's woman would be multi-faceted. (OMG, I loved the shoes, but that's now important! :D)


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I wish I had the vocabulary you do!! That could be turned in as a report, no doubt!! LOVE!

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Damn! Did you seriously write that? Could do with less smiley faces though you tranny whore.

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OMG THAT SNEJANA ONOPKA, LOVE HER! I actually talk to her on Facebook all the time! We're tight :D Even ask her.